Saturday, April 7, 2012

Human Effort Engineering - II- Course Proposal

Work Measurement

    Stop watch time study (4 sessions) [Rating work shop has to be a laboratory course]

    Work Sampling (1 session)

    Standard Data (1 session)

    Machine Elements (1 session)

    Predetermined Motion Time Systems (4 sessions) [Certification workshops as additional courses]

    Use of films in time study and motion study (1 session)

    Use of films - Demonstration session (Advanced Work Measurement can be a subject)

Micromotion study (2 sessions) [Micromotion study has to be an elective subject]

Fatigue study (2 sessions)

Comfort study ( 2 sessions)

Sociotechnical systems - introduction (1 session) [can be an elective subject]
Original knol - 2655

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