Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

January - February - March - April - May - June

July - August - September - October - November - December

Industrial engineering is staff service to managers. Industrial engineering is part of management activity. Managers have knowledge of industrial engineering and they know the potential of industrial engineering. Industrial engineers, industrial engineering profession and industrial engineering academic institutions and departments have to inform managers on a continuous basis the developments in industrial engineering and the increased potential of due to development of new methods, new techniques and tools.  Industrial engineers also have to know various management subjects so that they know their role in the management of the department for which they are given the responsibility for improving efficiency and productivity. In the initial months, management subjects are specified and then later the techniques of industrial engineering.


Principles of Management


Principles of Management

Marketing Management


Marketing Management

Operations Management


Operations Management

Supply Chain Management

Financial Accounting

Cost Accounting


Management Accounting

Organizational Behavior


Industrial Engineering - Introduction to  Basic Principles and Techniques

Engineering Economics


Scientific Management of Taylor  (17 articles)

12 Principles of Efficiency by Harrington Emerson

Value Engineering


Operation Analysis - Method Study - Methods Efficiency Engineering


Mathematics and Optimization

Application of Statistics for Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement


Human Effort Engineering

Principles of Motion Economy - Motion Study


Job Evaluation and Wage Incentives

Work Measurement 


Productivity Measurement

Work Measurement 

Cost Measurement

Productivity Management and Improvement


High Efficiency/Productivity Industrial Engineering - Minimum Inventory Systems
Comprehensive Applications Industrial Engineering - Recent Applications of Industrial Engineering - Recent Technology Developments

Updated  11 September 2016,  16 February  2016


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