Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kirksite Alloys for Tooling

Kirksite die was mentioned by L.D. Miles in his 1961 book on value analysis and value engineering.



Even in 2018 it is a useful material.

References regarding Kirksite

Combining the cast kirksite tooling process with RP and CAD improves prototype, bridge-to-production and short-run parts injection molding.

Modern developments in RP techniques facilitate process streamlining-making cast kirksite tooling a superb tool for reducing time-to-market with minimal capital expenditure.

Process Digital Twin


Process Digital also can be developed.

Rajaravisankar Shanmugam (Raja Shan), is the Global Head - Business Development for the Internet of Things (IoT) Business at TCS. He is responsible for developing the IoT Business, thus leading the global IoT Sales, Marketing & Analyst Relations, and developing strategic Alliances & partnerships. He is a leading voice in Internet of things space, delivering the keynote address at prominent industry events and has published various works of thought leadership including an article on realizing business value from Internet of things.

Raja is an experienced leader with a well demonstrated record for tremendous success in Product Engineering, Project management, Strategy & Business development, Marketing and Analyst relations in the areas of Internet of things, Engineering Services & PLM for TCS. He has developed long standing relationships with customers from leading enterprises across industries such as Manufacturing, Hi-Tech & Energy.

Products or physical assets are presently twinned in the digital world. With the possibilities of aggregation, various internal processes can also be virtually established and evaluated. This opens the doors for  industries to arrive at vital decisions by simultaneously working in the virtual and physical world. Microsoft foresees that by leveraging the power of mixed reality and insights from a process digital twin, such industries can achieve cost effective process designs and virtually commission them with a 20% productivity improvement in the upcoming decade.