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Industrial Engineering Department and Operating Departments - Relation

Industrial Engineering Department and Operating Departments - Relation

Industrial Engineering Department and Operating Departments - Relation


Industrial engineering department is a service department. It is providing service to improve the productivity or efficiency of systems. Also it is providing services to improve comfort, safety and health of operators. The improvements brought in by the IE departments could be due to new methods developed in IE discipline, new technological advances in the machines, or new work practices recognized in the work place in IE studies, or new ideas that came out of various improvement projects.

Each improvement idea is absorbed by the operating department and over a period of time it becomes the routine operating practice. Operating managers can themselves train their workers in the modified methods and the necessity of industrial engineers will come down. So industrial engineers become free to choose new improvement projects. Industrial engineers work on project mode. So they can finish one project and take up another project. Even learning a new improvement method becomes a new project for IEs. Many OR models are being developed. Of course they may not be drastically new methods but are improvements to the existing models. IEs have to keep track of the new ideas in OR models to evaluate them for implementing in their operations. Many times one hears a complaint that the models are complex. But IEs are trained to understand the OR models. They cannot complain of complexity of a model to begin with. They have to assess the utility of the model to improve the operations and then try to simplify the model in their implementation exercise to the extent possible.

IEs will have push type projects as well as pull type projects. Push type projects are projects that IE department pitches to the operating managers as well as senior managers. They may be new techniques that are to be implemented in various departments of the company. Pull type projects emanate from the departments. As the operating managers realize the importance of new designs or redesign as they come to know the efficient working of similar departments in competitor companies, they undertake redesign and invite IEs to evaluate the proposed ways of working.

Successful completion of projects can only increase the trust that senior managers and operating managers place on IE department personnel. IE personnel must ensure that their contribution is audited and recognized. Such audited results will encourage the company managers to use their services  further.

It is interesting to note that two major improvement programs came out of operating departments or their consultants, TQM and TPM.

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Japanese Faculty and Professors - Industrial Engineering

Professor industrial engineering

Faculty members   industrial engineering

Hirokazu Kawano, Keio University School principal business improvement and its application by IE Discovery provides a framework for waste

Think hold the key to survival in the rotation sushi chain "efficiency"

河野 宏和   Hirokazu Kawano

慶應義塾大学ビジネス・スクール校長 河野 宏和


志田 敬介 准教授
(Shida Keisuke)
Associate Professor Keisuke Shida
shida @ kjs . nagaokaut. jp . ac

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Productivity and Efficiency - Campaign of Siemens


Energy efficiency, Productivity and Reliability - Siemens presents water and waste water solutions for industries and municipalities at IFAT Entsorga - 2012

Siemens PLM Software Technology Enables LIG Nex1 to Drive Productivity Improvements in Product Development


Product Life Cycle Management Software - Siemens
Optimize the entire value chains of manufacturing companies from product design to development to production,  sales and service

Raising efficiency and productivity of large scale energy storage systems


NSN Efficiency Forum 2009 Presentations

Efficiency - Closing the Gap in Telecommunications companies
Presentation by Eddie Chan, Head of Efficiency Practice, Nokia Siemens Networks
Presention at NSN efficiency forum

Seapine Surround SCM helps Siemens AG Energy sector to boost productivity and efficiency

Nokia Siemens Networks Efficiency Forum
(2009 forum is also there)

Why Efficiency Matters
Leonard Waverman
Haskayne School of Business and London Business School

Faster, Stronger and Higher  - Winning Gold with Efficiency
Dr. Dina Bartels, NSN

Industrial Engineering is a Management Function

Industrial Engineering is a Management Function

Industrial Engineering is a Management Function


Industrial engineering (IE) discipline emerged out of the involvement of engineers in management of engineering departments. It is management function. Within the management functions its focus is on the design of work done by operators and improvement of efficiency of systems and processes.

In certain companies, IE department was made a part of management services department which was appropriate. Management accounting, Management controls, Management audit, Industrial engineering and some more such similar functions can be organized under management services departments. Such a departmentation clearly recognizes that these sections or functions are functions of management assisting management in planning, organizing and directing resources.

Management Services Departments  (Malaysia) (City of burbank)

Management Services Department, Government of Uganda


Management services department seems to be in existence in many government departments and industrial engineering is mentioned as a service in some of these departments. It is worth collecting some more links to management service departments and examine the activities of them and the role of IE in them.


Srinivas M, Student NITIE

Sir, I am sure that all Industrial Engineers will know their fit in the industry.Sir Please elaborate on why Industrial engineers are recruited across the board in differrent roles the industry.

Anonymous - 11 Sep 2010

You mean central government and state government jobs.

In Railways there are work study departments.
In defence also there is work study activity.
In office work there are O&M departments.

Narayana Rao - 11 Sep 2010

Sir, as IE is widely used in all sectors why there is a deficiency of government sectors job for IE graduates ?

Adarsh Malu - 11 Sep 2010

The demand is those departments is high and supply of persons in those disciplines is less.

I personally feel, IE discipline has not clarified its tool kit properly and then trained its graduates intensively in the tool kit. Hence many IEs are drifting into departments they understand better instead of IE which they do not understand adequately. They are also not trained adequately.

The opinion is controversial and we may need to do a survey on this opinion. If you and Devendra come forward we can take up a survey on our students regarding their assessment of IE and their preference for careers and the reasons for that preference.

Narayana Rao - 22 Aug 2010

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The Seven Value Stream Mapping Tools - Peter Hines and Nick Rich - Paper

Seven Value Stream Mapping Tools

Process activity mapping
Supply chain response matrix
Production variety funnel
Quality filter mapping
Demand amplification mapping
Decision point analysis
Physical structure

What is the objective? The objective is to develop a lean value stream. Let characterize the present value steam as fat value stream.

Paper by Prof Shahrukh A Irani

Value Stream Mapping enhanced with Industrial Engineering Tools

Sadono C. Djumin, Yuri Wibowo and Shahrukh A. Irani
Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering
The Ohio State University
Columbus Ohio 43210

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Strategic Decisions and Role of Industrial Engineering - Bulletin - Information Board

Business Strategy Game

Business Strategy Game Evaluation


Beyond World Class Productivity: Industrial Engineering Strategy Revisited
Springer 2010, 231 pages

Read its preface in html format in

Thinking about the application and development strategy of industrial engineering

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IE&EM), 2011 IEEE 18Th International Conference on
Date of Conference: 3-5 Sept. 2011
Author(s): Quan-qing Li
Zhengzhou Inst. of Aeronaut. Ind. Manage., Zhengzhou, China
Ming Li
Volume: Part 3
Page(s): 2125 - 2129
Product Type: Conference Publications


The tradition industrial engineering emphasis on micro-management, but the development of the future industrial engineering will pay first attention to the macro-problems.

It has analyzed the relationship of the specialized engineering technology and the industrial engineering technology in the integrated system, and pointed out: because the industrial engineering technology has the seeking optimization characteristic and the hysteresis of developing time, the research and application for industrial engineering technology falls behind to the specialized engineering technology.

It has further pointed out that the application and extension of industrial engineering will appear the development period and slow growing period of any technology

In slow growing period, it will develop slowly, even stagnate. This paper has analyzed the reasons which cause this situation and proposed the countermeasures.

Gilbreth's Article on Science in Management for the One Best Way to do Work

Article available in Gilbreth Library maintained at Purdue University Library

Interesting article to be summarized. It focuses on efficiency. Also clarifies Taylor's contribution to Time Study as separating rest and work.

Software Value Engineering

There are attempts at applying value engineering methodology to software area.
A 1995 M.S. thesis is available on the theme.
Commercial Off The Shelf software components - Selection using requirement approach
Remember: Utilize vendors' available"functional products" is a value analysis technique

Adopting COTS products
Related Knols

Heat Exchanger Value Engineering

A Novel Heat Exchanger: Use of Function Analysis Modelling to find and eliminate Contradictions
1999 article. Design of new heat exchanger was given in the article.

Some work related to heat exchangers is there in the book Value engineering studies on waste water treatment works

The link attached to the book

About Heat exchangers and design

Heat exchanger design - lecture presentation

Design Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers effectively, 1998 article

Design considerations for enhanced heat exchangers

(Post is in response to Mr. Sahil Mahajan, a PGDIE student pointing out that there is scope for value engineering in heat exchanger as a chemical engineering product.)

Narayana Rao

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Introduction to Operations Research

Introduction to Operations Research

Introduction to Operations Research


Collected Knols

An article on introduction to OR is to be written in this post.

Introduction - Operations Research

Introduction - Operations Research

Introduction - Operations Research

Chapter of Operations Research - Knol Book


Operations Research - Bibliography

Operations Research - Bibliography

Operations Research - Bibliography


Linear Programming - Chapter Contents

Linear Programming

Linear Programming

Operations Research - Knol Book


Linear Programming - Interesting Web Pages

Linear Programming - Interesting Web Pages

Linear Programming - Interesting Web Pages


Industrial Engineering in Computer Engineering and Information Technology

High Velocity SAS Coding: Application of IE to software Development

Industrial engineering of software
Optimization and Performance of Computer


Productivity of Programmers

Safety and Health of Computer Operators and Users
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - Causes and Suggestions for Prevention

Kaizen - Software Development and Products

Kaizen and Software Engineering
by Patrick Weibel, Software Architect


Value Engineering - Software

Competing on Speed in Software Development - Video Lecture by Mary Poppendieck
Ideas to reduce complexity and increase speed of development are given in the lecture

Engineering Economics Related to Software Development and Products

Software Engineering Economics, 1983, Barry Boehm

Software Engineering Economics and Best Practices of Internetbased Software Development

Embedded system engineering economics


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Japanese Industrial Engineering Sites - 日本インダストリアル·エンジニアリング の ウェブサイト

日本インダストリアル·エンジニアリング の  ウェブサイト

日本  nippon  - Japanese

インダストリアル·エンジニアリング   indasutoriaru · enjiniaringu  industrial engineering (characters in katakana script)

の  no  -  of

ウェブサイト   webusaito  -  website

IE course page

Wikipedia Ergonomics


何が本当のIE(Industrial Engineering)ですか?
What is the real IE (Industrial Engineering) do?

Industrial engineering and manufacturing improvement

IE -detailed explanation through slides

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Japanese Industrial Engineering Manual

IE     手法:その 実践的活用法
shuhou : sono jissen teki katsuyou hou 
IE - Methods that take advantage of practical techniques


また、最近、IE  の 基本  から  応用  まで  を  詳しく   記載   した   書籍  の入手  が  難しく なって  きた。

そこで、本書  は  IE(Industrial Engineering)手法を中心 に、日々、目前 の 仕事を より  善く改める ため  の  ツールを   まとめ  た書   である。

mata , saikin , IE no kihon kara ouyou made o kuwashiku kisai shi ta shoseki nonyuushu ga muzukashiku nat te ki ta . 

sokode , honsho ha IE ( IndustrialEngineering ) shuhou o chuushin ni , hibi , mokuzen no shigoto o yori yokuaratameru tame no tsūru o matome ta sho de aru . 

Also, get a book recently described in detail the basic and advanced IE has become difficult.

Therefore, this book is to focus on technique (Industrial Engineering) IE, which is written a summary of the tools for a better job change every day, at hand.

第1章      企業活動  と   改善  の  必要性
dai 1 . akira  kigyou katsudou to kaizen no hitsuyou sei 
First 1 Chapter  Need for improvement and business activities

Third 3. Chapter  Improving The Technology
Page 50

Studied up to page 55.

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Industrial Engineering Terminology - Japanese - インダストリアル·エンジニアリング

Industrial Engineering Terminology in Japanese is being collected in this post

インダストリアル·   エンジニアリング  - Industrial engineering
(  katakan chart)

インダストリアル   - indasutoriaru - industrial
エンジニアリング      -  enjiniaringu    - engineering

インダストリアル     エンジニア  Industrial engineers
インダストリアル   - indasutoriaru   -   industrial
エンジニア     -  enjinia     - engineer

インダストリアルエンジニアの仕事  - Work of industrial engineers

仕事    shigoto   -  work

エンジニア     -  enjinia     - engineer

エンジニアリング      -  enjiniaringu    - engineering

新郷重夫 - Shigeo shingo

Articles on Industrial engineering in Japanese

Wikipedia article on management engineering

Article on IE as a part of production management

Article on IE in Japanese - has references to Going's book. - good

The article has to be developed now by locating more Japanese online articles on IE

営業  eig you - business

管理   kanri  -    management

管理営業マン  management sales man

営業マン   eigyou man   -  salesman   ( マン  man  katakana)

経 営管 理論  -  keiei kanri ron  - Management theory

経 営理論 レビュー     - keiei riron rebyū  - Management Theory Review

生産  - seisan - Production

講座 - kouza - course

生産 管理 講座    - seisan kanri kouza   Production Management course

論文  - ronbun  - paper, thesis, treatise, essay

本  -  hon  -    book

単行本  - tankoubon - paper back

Additional general meanings

special book単行本
book of lectures単行本
separate volume単行本


と  to -  what is  (と is a hiragana character)

は何か - ha nani ka - what is

And (industrial engineering) What is IE - fusion of human and productivity
(This is a textbook title in Japan 1993 - Link )

生産性  seisan sei    -  productivity

無理  muri -  unreasonable

むら  mura - unevenness  (Kanji character 村  mura means village)

無駄  muda - waste, uselessness