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June First Week - IE Knowledge Revision - Industrial Engineering Basic Principles and Techniques

Industrial Engineering - Introduction to  Basic Principles and Techniques

Industrial engineering converts technical products and processes created by pure engineers and managers into commercially viable products and thereby creates industries - manufacturing/engineering service concerns that satisfy the needs of the people and make profit for the organizations.

On an ongoing basis industrial engineering improves the profits of the organization by eliminating wastes and reducing cost through minimizing resource use.

Industrial engineering is system efficiency engineering and human effort engineering.

IE helps in creating new industries and prosperous industries.
IE makes enterprises rich. IE makes employees rich. IE makes societies rich.

June First Week, 1 to 5 - 2016

1  June

Industrial Engineering Introduction

Industrial engineering Principles, Methods Tools and Techniques

Principles of Industrial Engineering - Video Presentation

2017 IISE Pittsburgh Conference


Functions and Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering

2 June

Component Areas of IE: Human Effort engineering and System Efficiency Engineering

Pioneering Efforts of Taylor, Gilbreth and Emerson

Principles of Motion Economy

3 June
Motion Study - Human Effort Engineering

Ergonomics - Introduction

4 June

Industrial Engineering Data and Measurements

Work Measurement

Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS)

5 June

Process Industrial Engineering



Product Industrial Engineering



June Second Week - IE Knowledge Revision

May Fourth Week - IE Knowledge Revision

June - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

Industrial Engineering Online Books

Handbooks Industrial Engineering

Knol Handbook of Industrial Engineering - 2019

Introduction to  Industrial Engineering

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