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Method Study: Methods Efficiency Engineering - Operation Analysis Approach - Knol Book

H.B. Maynard discussed in detail the method study procedure in his book "Operation Analysis" published in 1938. Method study is engineering branch specific. Shigeo Shingo, the Japanese industrial engineer, clearly stated that value engineering or product design efficiency engineering is to be attempted first by industrial engineers. Next comes methods efficiency engineering. Hence engineers of a particular branch are only equipped to analyze the product designs and process designs of that branch from efficiency point of view.

Methods efficiency engineering is divided first into process analysis and operation analysis. In operation analysis, the tolerance specified, material given as input, material handling, equipment, setup, tools, working conditions and operator methods are analysed. Operator method analysis is an altogether independent study known as motion study. Similarly, after method study, to determine standard times time study or other work measurement techniques are used.

1. The Function of Methods Efficiency Engineering

2. Approach to Operation Analysis as a Step in Methods Efficiency Engineering

3. Scope and Limitations of Methods Efficiency Engineering

    Operation Analysis Sheet

    Using the Operation Analysis Sheet

    Analysis of Purpose of Operation

    Analysis of All Operations of a Process as a Step of Each Operation Analysis

    Analysis of Tolerances and Inspection Standards

    Analysis of Material in Operation Analysis

    Tool Related Operation Analysis

    Material Handling Analysis in Operations

    Operation Analysis of Setups

    Operation Analysis - Man and Machine Activity Charts

    Operation Analysis - Plant Layout Analysis

    Operation Analysis - Analysis of Working Conditions and Method

    Operation Analysis - Common Possibilities for Operation Improvement

    Operation Analysis - Check List

Method Study

Principles of Methods Efficiency Engineering

Method Study - Information Collection and Recording - Chapter Contents

Process Analysis - Questions/Check List

Installing Proposed Methods

Process and Operation Improvement is presented in totally different light by Shigeo Shingo in his description of Toyota Production System
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