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9th Waste - Wasting Machine's Potential Productivity -- Elimination - Essential Industrial Engineering Activity

F.W. Taylor clearly identified two categories of waste. Wasting machine's productivity potential and man's productivity potential. He proposed solutions to both.

Frank Gilbreth proposed flow process chart to examine five elements of a process and eliminate waste.




Temporary delay or storage

Permanent delay or storage

Flow process chart became very popular and was used for good number of years.

Taichi Ohno expanded it to Seven

T – Transport – Movement of material, people
I – Inventory – Stock of materials, parts, and finished items
M – Motion – movement of hands and other body parts in operating machines of hand tools
W – Waiting – Men and machines waiting for parts or instructions
O – Over production – Making more than is IMMEDIATELY required
O – Over processing – Tighter tolerances or higher grade materials than are necessary
D – Defects – Items scrapped and rework

Ohno's Seven waste model also became popular and was applied to others areas of activity like software development.

Then the 8th waste was added

Wastage of physical and mental skills of people.

So far in this waste concepts, an important waste identified and tackled by F.W. Taylor and which is the basis of industrial engineering is not attended to properly. This waste is the wastage of machine capability and power. Taylor experimented and found the solution to this problem in the case of machine tools through his publication "The Art of Metal Cutting." He explained his suggested method in his article "Piece Rate System". book length papers, "Shop Management", and "Scientific Management". For achieving the potential productivity of man machine system, the machine parameters need to be studied and selected and adjusted appropriately to get the best output from the machine in terms of quantity and cost maintaining the specified quality. This evaluation and adjustment of machine parameters is an engineering activity to be carried out to assure the lowest cost, highest income to employees and shareholders and provision of maximum goods and services to the society. This is part of the technical component of industrial engineering - the productivity engineering component of industrial engineering.

9th Waste - Wastage of Machine Potential, Capability and Power - Wasting Machine's Potential Productivity

First published in this blog on 23 June 2017. This understanding came to me (Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. )on 22 June 2017, as I am listening to a presentation on Barriers to Lean Implementation.

Machine Work Study

Machine Work Study was proposed by Narayana Rao in a paper presented in the NCIETM 2016 to take care of this 9th Waste (November 2016).

The four principles of the 21 principles of industrial engineering is related to the elimination of this waste.

4. Principles of machine utilization economy to be developed for all resources used in engineering systems.

Examples of Efforts to Increase Machine Productivity or Potential Productivity through Industrial Engineering Activity - Research, Development of Alternatives, and Implementation

Machinery productivity monitoring systems

Machinery productivity monitoring systems are sets of technical elements that serve to acquire, transfer and assess machinery productivity data. Output is the information for management in the required format (numeric or graphical) to reveal weaknesses in the process that allows us to identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Improving dragline productivity using big data

August 2016

Mining operations produce an enormous amount of data through numerous parallel, though diverse, monitoring systems. Data mining and analytics can be a major part of a successful mining improvement process.

In this case, the goal is to find a single target variable and its value that will drive operator behaviour to operate the dragline at maximum production capacity and speed while not exceeding machine fatigue.

Simulated productivity of one- and two-armed tree planting machines

Ersson B. T., Jundén L., Bergsten U., Servin M. (2013).  Silva Fennica vol. 47 no. 2 article id 958.

9th Waste - Speed Loss

14 July 2015
Similar viewpoint was expressed by Steve Borris in the linkedin article
"Speed Losses" would be my recommendation for the 9th Lean Waste.


  1. Very nice and a value adding perspective.
    As an IE, we need to constantly attk Waste.
    I think the Swachata Abhiyan is also about eliminating "waste "

    1. Thank you very much. Today our board meeting took place. Our Chairman, Prof Dhande, is serious about a discussion on industrial engineering and some modifications in the curriculum of the program to make it useful to the current economic and technological environment. Hence any idea assessed as having some value can be put before him. Thank You.