Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dr. H.B. Maynard - Industrial Engineer of Repute (1902-75)

He was a 1923 M.E. graduate in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University, and later received his Doctor of Laws from the University of Miami. He began his career as a timestudy engineer with Westinghouse in 1924.  He spent six years at Westinghouse working his way up to Superintendent of Production. During this time, he became an authority in time and motion study, and  he teamed with Gus Stegmerten and Stuart Lowry to write “Time and Motion Study.”
He coined the term “Methods Engineering”.  In 1934, Dr. Maynard established the Methods Engineering Council (MEC) in Pittsburgh as a “time study training company.” Westinghouse was the first client of MEC, and the first consulting engagement occurred in 1936 with Mine Safety Appliances.
He started a research project with Westinghouse in 1941 to make time study and standard setting much more fair to workman and worked  with Gus Stegmerten and Jack Schwab. The three member team  developed
the Methods Time Measurement (MTM) work measurement technique, published in 1948. Dr. Maynard put the MTM technique into the public domain by forming the MTM Association in 1952 — an Association which
still exists today.
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