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Research Papers - Industrial Engineering - 2012 Collection

Human Effort Engineering

Job Evaluation and Wage Incentives

Motivating with efficiency wages and  delayed payments


Fixed task zone chaining: worker coordination and zone design for inexpensive cross-training in serial CONWIP lines.
Parvin, Hoda; Van Oyen, Mark P.; Pandelis, Dimitrios G.; Williams, Damon P.; Lee, Junghee. IIE Transactions. Oct2012, Vol. 44 Issue 10, p894-914.

System Efficiency Engineering

Facilities Location

An efficient formulation of the flow refueling location model for alternative-fuel stations.
Capar, Ismail; Kuby, Michael. IIE Transactions. Aug2012, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p622-636.


Optimum inspection interval for a system under periodic and opportunistic inspections.
Taghipour, Sharareh; Banjevic, Dragan. IIE Transactions. Nov2012, Vol. 44 Issue 11, p932-948.

Production, Project - Planning, Routing and Scheduling

The therapist routing and scheduling problem.
Shao, Yufen; Bard, Jonathan F.; Jarrah, Ahmad I. IIE Transactions. Oct2012, Vol. 44 Issue 10, p868-893.

Sequencing jobs on a non-Markovian machine with random disruptions.
Aytuğ, Haldun; Paul, Anand. IIE Transactions. Aug2012, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p671-680

Two-machine lot streaming with attached setup times. (Telecommunications domain)
Alfieri, Arianna; Glass, Celia; van de Velde, Steef. IIE Transactions. Aug2012, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p695-710.

Supply Chain

Risk diversification and risk pooling in supply chain design.
Mak, Ho-Yin; Shen, Zuo-Jun (Max). IIE Transactions. Aug2012, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p603-621.

Supply chain coordination with information sharing in the presence of trust and trustworthiness.
Voigt, Guido; Inderfurth, Karl. IIE Transactions. Aug2012, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p637-654.

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Improvement of Warehouse Order Picking Activity - Research and Models

Aly, Ahmed Hassan, MSc; Ferrell, William, PhD. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 585-590.

Solving the forward-reserve allocation problem in warehouse order picking systems
Gu, J; Goetschalckx, M; Mcginnis, L F. The Journal of the Operational Research Society, suppl. Part Special Issue: Operational Research in Project61.6 (Jun 2010): 1013-1021.

Right pick: applying order fulfillment basics can help companies generate picking efficiencies on the warehouse floor
Materials Management and Distribution40.4 (Apr 1995): 59-60.

An order batching algorithm for wave picking in a parallel-aisle warehouse
A J R M Gademann; Jeroen P Van Den Berg; Hassan H Van Der Hoff. IIE Transactions 33.5 (May 2001): 385-398.

Order Picking Sequence Algorithms for a Gantry-Picking Warehouse
Kim, Byung-In; Heragu, Sunderesh S; Graves, Robert J; St Onge, Art. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2003): 1-6.

 Warehouse Order Picking Process at Pelco Products, Inc.
Nash, Mark A; Evans, Chris. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2011): 1-8.

 Predicting Order Picking Times at a Warehouse
Hulett, Maria; Damodaran, Purushothaman. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2013): 3041-3049.

Improving Order-Picking Response Time at Ankor's Warehouse
Dekker, R; M B M de Koster; Roodbergen, K J; H van Kalleveen. Interfaces34.4 (Jul/Aug 2004): 303-313.

 Metaheuristic scheduling of multiple picking agents for warehouse management
J.I.U. Rubrico; Ota, J; Higashi, T; Tamura, H. The Industrial Robot35.1 (2008): 58-68.

Improving Warehouse Picking Operations
Kevan, Tom. Frontline Solutions5.5 (May 2004): 30-35.

 An Exploratory Agent-Based Model of Warehouse Picking Operations with Congestion
Heath, Brian L; Ciarallo, Frank W; Hill, Raymond R. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

 A High-Throughput Pick Line for Split-Case Order Picking
Kong, Chenying; Masel, Dale T. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 860-865.

 New warehouse designs may reduce picking costs 20%
Kator, Corinne. Modern Materials Handling, [Warehousing Management Edition]61.9 (Sep 2006): 9-10.

 Research and Markets: The Guide to Voice Solutions in Warehouse Environments Will Help You Learn of Market Sizing and Forecasts for Spending in Voice Picking Solutions from 2008 to 2014

 Replenishment and Order Picking in Short Cycle Time Environments
Kim, Byung-In; Graves, Robert J; Heragu, Sunderesh S; St Onge, Art. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2002): 1-6.

 The use of bucket brigades in zone order picking systems
Koo, Pyung-hoi. OR Spectrum31.4 (Oct 2009): 759-774.

 Design and control of warehouse order picking: A literature review
de Koster, René; Le-Duc, Tho; Roodbergen, Kees Jan. European Journal of Operational Research182.2 (Oct 16, 2007): 481.

 Order-batching methods for an order-picking warehouse with two cross aisles
Ho, Ying-Chin; Su, Teng-Sheng; Shi, Zhi-Bin. Computers & Industrial Engineering 55.2 (Sep 2008): 321.

 Metaheuristics for the Order Batching Problem in Manual Order Picking Systems
Henn, Sebastian; Koch, Sören; Doerner, Karl F; Strauss, Christine; Wäscher, Gerhard. Business Research3.1 (May 2010): 82-105.

 Optimal Product Layout in an Order Picking Warehouse
Jarvis, Jay M; McDowell, Edward D. IIE Transactions 23.1 (Mar 1991): 93.

 Order-picking turnaround
Lear-Olimpi, Michael. Warehousing Management6.5 (Jun 1999): 42-43+.

 Improving order-picking performance through the implementation of class-based storage
Petersen, Chales G; Aase, Gerald R; Heiser, Daniel R. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management34.7/8 (2004): 534-544.

 Shop or warehouse? That's the question: E-FULFILMENT by Penelope Ody: Store-based picking is very different from bulk warehouse operations, leading many e-tailers to opt for outsourced services: [Surveys edition]
Ody, Penelope. Financial Times [London (UK)] 20 June 2001: 02.

 Supply chain organization and e-commerce: a model to analyze store-picking, warehouse-picking and drop-shipping
Hovelaque, V; Soler, L G; Hafsa, S. 4OR5.2 (Jul 2007): 143-155.
A model for warehouse order picking
Daniels, Richard L; Rummel, Jeffrey L; Schantz, Robert. European Journal of Operational Research105.1 (Feb 16, 1998): 1-17.

 A performance evaluation model for order picking warehouse design
Hwang, Heung Suk; Gyu Sung Cho. Computers & Industrial Engineering 51.2 (Oct 2006): 335.
...model for the order picking facility for warehouse design in a supply center
...of warehouse design and operational parameters such as warehouse size, rack

Centeno, Martha A; Sundaram, Ramakrishnan. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2004): 1-6.

 Algorithms for on-line order batching in an order picking warehouse
Henn, Sebastian. Computers & Operations Research39.11 (Nov 2012): 2549.

Order picking basics

Manning, Allison. Modern Materials Handling, [Warehousing Management Edition]63.10(Oct 2008): 38.

Considerations in order picking zone configuration
Petersen, Charles G. International Journal of Operations & Production Management22.7/8 (2002): 793-805.

 Order-Picking in a Rectangular Warehouse: A Solvable Case of the Traveling Salesman Problem
Ratliff, H Donald; Rosenthal, Arnon S. Operations Research31.3 (May/Jun 1983): 507.

An experimental investigation of learning effects in order picking systems
Grosse, Eric H; Glock, Christoph H. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management24.6(2013): 850-872.

 Beyond Order Picking
Klie, Leonard. Frozen Food Age55.5 (Dec 2006): 25-26.

 Designing an efficient warehouse layout to facilitate the order-filling process: An industrial distributor's experience
Zeng, Amy Z; Mahan, Michael; Fluet, Nicholas. Production and Inventory Management Journal 43.3/4 (Third Quarter 2002): 83-88.

Improving order picking performance utilizing slotting and golden zone storage
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A decision support system to facilitate warehouse order fulfillment in cross-border supply chain
Cathy H.Y. Lam; Choy, K L; Chung, S H. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management22.8 (2011): 972-983.

Getting your warehouse in order
Richardson, Helen L. Logistics Today44.10 (Oct 2003): 38-42.

A warehouse management system with sequential picking for multi-container deliveries
Shiau, Jiun-Yan; Lee, Ming-Chang. Computers & Industrial Engineering 58.3 (Apr 2010): 382.

 Vocollect Unveils Talkman QuickPick; New System Easily Voice-Enables Any Warehouse Picking Operation
Business Editors & High Tech Writers. Business Wire [New York] 26 Nov 2001: 1.

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