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Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center

Industrial Engineering ONLINE FREE Course - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center Online Course

First year of course offering. 19 May 2020 to April 2021.
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Second Round course revision and social media sharing from  1 June 2021 

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Online Handbook of Industrial Engineering

Principles of Industrial Engineering


Areas & Modules in the Industrial Engineering Online Course 

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Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, Professor,  National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India.

Author of Principles of Industrial EngineeringFunctions of Industrial Engineering and Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineering Course Lessons

Day 1 (1 June  2021)

Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Module 1

Day 1 (1 June  2021)

Industrial Engineering - History

Industrial engineers (IE) are employed and productivity improvement and cost reduction are practiced in many companies using IE  philosophy, principles, methods, techniques and tools.
Apple Inc. - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 2

Industrial Engineering - Definition and Explanation

IE Continuous Improvement - 3 Years - 50% Cost Reduction - Diplexer Line Case Study

Day 3

Industrial Engineering Introduction

BMW - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 4

Pioneering Efforts of Taylor, Gilbreth and Emerson

Coca-Cola - Cisco Systems - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 5

Industrial engineering Principles, Methods Tools and Techniques

DuPont - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 6

Functions and Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering

Value Engineering - Paddy Transplanter - Case Study

Day 7

Industrial Engineering of Belting - 1893

Ford - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 8

Productivity Science

GE going strong on Lean & Kaizen
GlaxoSmithKline - GE - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 9

Product Industrial Engineering

Value Analysis and Engineering - Examples by L.D. Miles - Part 1

Day 10

Process Industrial Engineering

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration: Process Industrial Engineering Using Robo Cylinder

Day 11

Industrial Engineering Economic Analysis

Honda - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

Day 12

IE Measurements

Milling - Estimation of Machining Time

Day 13

Value Creation for the Organization by Industrial Engineers - Productivity Engineering

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration:  Gear Machining Productivity

Module  2

Contribution of Taylor, Gilbreth, Emerson, Maynard, Barnes, Lehrer, Shigeo Shingo

Day 14

Taylor - Productivity Science and Art of Metal Cutting - Important Points

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration:    Cryogenic Machining Adoption - Productivity Improvement at Lockheed Martin


Taylor's Industrial Engineering - First Proposal 1895

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration - Investment in Sliding-Head Lathe with Chipbreaking Feature


Industrial Engineering Described in Shop Management by F.W. Taylor

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration - Process Improvement via Toolholder Change


Productivity Improvement in Machine Shop - F.W. Taylor

Tool Wear and Temperature Analysis for Process Improvement


Development of Science in Mechanic Arts - F.W. Taylor

Dynamic Control of Circulatory Pumps for Heating Systems Saves 20% of Energy Cost


Time Study for Process Time Reduction - F.W. Taylor

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration - Additive Manufacturing of Fixtures - Productivity Benefits


Taylor on Quality, Human Relations and Management

Process Industrial Engineering - Illustration -Alternative Lubricants and Productivity - Case Study


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering Motion Study - Part 1

Illustration of Human Effort Productivity Improvement - Bricklaying Improvement by Gilbreth


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering - Motion Study - Part 2

Illustration of Human Effort Productivity Improvement - Pig Iron Handling by Taylor


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering - Motion Study - Part 3

Illustration of Human Effort Productivity Improvement - Bicycle Balls Inspection Example - Taylor


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering - Motion Study - Part 4

Case Study - Method Study - Cast Iron Housing Loading and Unloading 2014


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering - Productivity Science of Motion Study - Variables Affecting of Motion Time.

Case Study - Method Study - Welding Fixture Redesign - Productivity Improvement 2002


Gilbreth's Human Effort Industrial Engineering - Productivity Science of Motion Study - Future Scope

Case Study: Method and Motion Study in a Printing Company - 2019


Process Charts - Gilbreths - 1921

Case Study - Examining All Operations in a Process


It is important that industrial engineers have to recognize that scientific management was evaluated by Lilian Gilbreth, a psychologist from a human behavior  perspective and a positive opinion was given. Industrial engineering, appeared as a part of the system of management and engineering developed to reduce cost of products made using engineering processes and methods.

Psychology Evaluation of Scientific Management by Lilian Gilbreth - 1914

Implementing Standard Work - Issues


After discussing the contribution of Taylor and Gilbreth in more detail, the contribution of many other industrial engineering researchers, professionals, consultants and authors are provided in a series of notes to introduce more industrial engineering concepts. These concepts and their applications will be discussed in more detail in various focus area modules of the course.

Harrington Emerson - A Pioneer Industrial Engineer - His Principles and Practices

Case Study: New Scheduling Algorithm Substantially Improves Foundry Productivity - 2017


Prof. Hugo Diemer - Taylor's Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Exercise: Productivity Analysis of a Newly Introduced Machine


Industrial Engineering - The Concept - Developed by Going in 1911

Productivity Improvement Using Alternative Boring Heads


Taylor Society Bulletin

Information for IE: Productivity Improvement Technology in Grinding - 2020


Operation Analysis and Improvement: Application of Tribos Toolholder for Productivity


H.B. Maynard - HUMAN EFFORT INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING - Methods Time Measurement (MTM) - Introduction
H.B. Maynard - Methods Time Measurement (MTM) - Introduction (Revised)

Operation Improvement:   Rego-Fix ER Collets for Tools - Productivity Improvement Case


Operator Industrial Engineering - Kaizen - Work Simplification - Alan Mogensen
Work Simplification - Alan Mogensen (Revised)

Operation Improvement: Productivity Improvement Through Tool and Toolholder Change - Corogrip


Method Study - Ralph M. Barnes - Important Points of Various Chapters

Collet for Corochuck 930 with Mechanical Locking - Productivity Improvement Use Case


Product Industrial Engineering for Cost Reduction - L.D. Miles

Value Analysis and Engineering - Examples by L.D. Miles - Part 2


L.D. Miles - 13 Techniques of Value Analysis

Unless special effort to know is made, engineers take 10 years to know engineering developments and implement them in their company processes - L.D. MILES.
Prime Turning (TM) - New Turning Process with High Productivity


Yoichi Ueno - Japanese Leader in Efficiency - Productivity Movement

Sandvik PrimeTurning™ Increases Productivity - Case Studies


Toyota style Industrial Engineering - Waste Elimination - Ohno

"We have eliminated waste by examining available resources, rearranging machines, improving machining processes, installing autonomous systems, improving tools, analyzing transportation methods and optimizing the materials at hand for manufacturing. High production efficiency has also been maintained by preventing the recurrence of defective products, operational mistakes, and accidents, and by incorporating workers' ideas." Taiichi Ohno (P. 21)

Taiichi Ohno on Industrial Engineering - Toyota Style Industrial Engineering

Productivity Improvement Using Through-Tool High Pressure Coolant


Industrial Engineering - Foundation of Toyota Production System

3D Printing Multiple Numbers as a Vertical Stack - Significant Productivity Improvement


Taylor's Industrial Engineering in New Framework - Narayana Rao

Seco Jetstream Tooling - Benefit - Case Study


Review of Module 1 - Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course

Industrial Engineering Concepts - Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course Module 2 - Review

Third Module - Process Industrial Engineering 


Introduction to Process Industrial Engineering Module


IE Research by Taylor Part 1 - Productivity of Machining

Visit for Module 3 Process Industrial Engineering for Further Lessons

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