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Coca-Cola - Cisco Systems - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs



Top Global  Manufacturing Companies - List

A to Z of Industrial Engineering - Principles, Methods, Techniques, Tools and Applications

Industrial Engineering - Productivity Improvement - Process Improvement - Product Redesign - Continuous Improvement

Industrial engineering is improvement in various elements of engineering operations to increase productivity. Along with engineering elements, industrial engineers evaluate and improve many other elements also as they are responsible for productivity and cost of items produced in a process. Through assignments of improving productivity and efficiency of information technology and software engineering processes, industrial engineers specializing in IT were given responsibility for business processes also. Thus industrial engineers with focus on various branches of engineering provide their services to companies and society to improve various elements of the products and processes on a continuous basis over the product life cycle. They are active in engineering or production-maintenance-service-logistic processes and business processes.

Productivity improvement always focuses on quality and flexibility issues as productivity improvement should not lead to any deterioration in quality or flexibility. Delivery and cost are always at the core of industrial engineering. Thus when QFCD paradigm came, that is attention to quality, flexibility, cost and delivery became prominent, many industrial engineers were given the responsibility of managing this function of continuous improvement.

Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering - Brief Explanation

Productivity Science: Science developed for each element of machine operation and each element of human tasks in industry.
Productivity Science - Determinants of Productivity

Product Industrial Engineering: Redesign of products to reduce cost and increase value keeping the quality intact.
Product Industrial Engineering

Process Industrial Engineering: Redesign of processes to reduce cost and increase value keeping the quality intact.
Process Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Optimization: Optimizing industrial engineering solutions created in Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering.
Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering Statistics: Using statistical tools like data description, sampling and design of experiments in industrial engineering activity.
Statistics and Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Economics: Economic analysis of industrial engineering projects.
Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Human Effort Industrial Engineering: Redesign of products and processes to increase satisfaction and reduce discomfort and other negative consequence to operators.
Motion Study - Human Effort Industrial Engineering

Productivity Measurement: Various measurements done by industrial engineers in industrial setting to collect data, analyze data and use the insights in redesign: Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering.
Industrial Engineering Data and Measurements

Productivity Management: Management undertaken by industrial engineers to implement Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering. Management processes industrial engineering is also part of productivity management.
Productivity Management

Applied Industrial Engineering: Application of industrial engineering in new technologies, existing technologies, engineering business and industrial processes and other areas.
Applied Industrial Engineering - Process Steps

How many Industrial Engineers can a Company Employ for Cost Reduction?

For $100 million cost, there can be one MS IE and 6 BSIEs.

Coca-Cola - Industrial Engineering

Coca Cola Industrial Engineers

Nsubiri Andrew
An Industrial Engineer at Coca Cola Kwanza
Member: IISE Linkedin Group

Augustine Teage
Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited
Industrial Engineer
SinceDec 2014
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

Louis Villagran
Industrial Engineer at Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages
San Antonio, Texas

Coca-Cola has a very successful total productivity management initiative for the last decade. It is a role model company for productivity management in the recent years. The details of productivity initiatives of Coca-Cola are covered in:

Productivity Success Story - Coca Cola

Based on the above news stories, an article was published in the IISE magazine, Industrial Management, March-April 2021 issue.

CISCO - Industrial Engineering  Activities and Jobs

67/100 Cisco Systems Telecommunications equipment Sales: $48.005 billion United States

Girish Babu
Senior Manager - Commit Workflows, Quality & Productivity Insights at Cisco
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

In an expanded role - leading the teams that provide Commit solutions for the Enterprise and Service Provider segments, Quality and Productivity insights across all segments. Specifically, we do the following -

Commit workflows - incredible scale at play here providing solutions 24/7 to 5000 developers across the world (Products that generate over $18B annually are developed and validated through this infra), optimising infra usage, providing insights to engineering teams (with all these metadata) on various efficiency opportunities.
Qualex - the quality platform has grown in scale and context, now addressing and solving problems in there areas of Security, Serviceability & Technical debt reduction.
STAR - a growing data lake of opportunities that is providing real time insights into productivity improvements and presenting executive insights.

DevX Pervasive Quality Platform platform is winner in the Productivity category of the Cisco Pioneer Award for 2018. The Pioneer award is Cisco’s highest engineering award recognizing the pioneering spirit of innovation.

Product Industrial Engineering: 

Redesign of products to reduce cost and increase value keeping the quality intact.
Product Industrial Engineering

Value Engineering Project Specialist SC job

company building

Our staff is committed to providing exceptional care for your family. From the admission of the first resident seeking help many years ago to today our philosop...
Value Engineering Project Specialist SC 1282526
Location: San Jose, California, US

Area of Interest Supply Chain

Job Type Professional

Technology Interest *None

Job Id 1282526

What You'll Do:

You will be a Value Engineering Portfolio Specialist building and evaluating business plans to enable corporate funding. Some of your responsibilities will be:

Management of Tools, Process and Reporting of the Value Engineering business portfolio.

Working with the extended team on yearly Value Engineering commit.

Manage Outside Engineering Services (OES) contracts for product tear down evaluation and Value Engineering Ideation.

Who You'll Work With:

You will work closely with the various leaders to ensure Tools, Process and Reporting is aligned to business needs (Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance and IT). Collaborate and lead engagement across the organization to execute on the needed improvements.

Who You Are:

Bachelors of Science In Engineering or equivalent with 2+ years of relevant experience.

Hardworking around Finance business modeling, Product Operations and improvements and/or related fields.

Strong program/project management skills and ability to map our process and tools.

This role is a highly collaborative role working across functional boundaries, often being the bridge by understanding various perspectives to resolve challenges and drive progress. To be successful, you will need to build effective relationships and influence partner organizations and teams.

You are an excellent communicator with the ability to influence leadership.

This role requires excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work with diverse personality types.

You have the ability to develop and execute short and long-term strategies, with a good balance between today's business results and tomorrow's potential.

Why Cisco

#WeAreCisco, where each person is unique, but we bring our talents to work as a team and make a difference. Here’s how we do it.

We embrace digital, and help our customers implement change in their digital businesses. Some may think we’re “old” (30 years strong!) and only about hardware, but we’re also a software company. And a security company. A blockchain company. An AI/Machine Learning company. We even invented an intuitive network that adapts, predicts, learns and protects. No other company can do what we do – you can’t put us in a box!

But “Digital Transformation” is an empty buzz phrase without a culture that allows for innovation, creativity, and yes, even failure (if you learn from it.)

Day to day, we focus on the give and take. We give our best, we give our egos a break and we give of ourselves (because giving back is built into our DNA.) We take accountability, we take ambitious steps, and we take difference to heart. Because without diversity of thought and a commitment to equality for all, there is no moving forward.

So, you have colorful hair? Don’t care. Tattoos? Show off your ink. Like polka dots? That’s cool.



This job was posted on Wed Dec 25 2019 and expired on Mon Jan 20 2020.

CISCO - Contribution to Sustainability through Value Engineering

How Cisco's Packaging Diet Saves $24 Million a Year.
Greener packaging will now be incorporated as part of Cisco's value engineering process.
Edna Conway, Senior Director, Advanced Compliance & Social Responsibility for Cisco's Customer Value Chain Management organization,
Claudia Girrbach (Article author)
March 10, 2010

CISCO - Creating a Sustaining Value Engineering Function Within Worldwide Manufacturing

By James P. Thome
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
In conjunction with the Leaders for Manufacturing Program at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
June 2008

CISCO's Call
Every area has a unique productivity challenge: let’s work together to solve the productivity

23 MAY 2019 NEWS
Cisco Productivity Index shows UK cities lagging behind benchmark levels


65/100 Continental Tyres $49.608 billion Germany

Industrial engineers are employed and productivity improvement and cost reduction are practiced in many companies using Industrial engineering philosophy, principles, methods, techniques and tools.

Index to Industrial Engineering Practice in Top Global Manufacturing Companies - Top 100

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Published on 3 April 2020


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