Sunday, January 26, 2014

Productivity and IE in Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing

ABB paint industry solutions for optimization
Using its process expertise and experience in paint and coating production, ABB has
developed innovative and optimized solutions to each specific constraint encountered
in paint production phases: dispersing, grinding, tinting, filtration, cleaning, transfer,
pigging system, powder handling, pneumatic transfer, control system, scheduling.$file/paint_coatings_final.pdf

Energy Conservation for a Paint Company Using Lean Manufacturing Technique
Sobia Shahid1,*, Sibi Chacko1 , C M Shukla2
1 School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty, Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus, 294345, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2 Quality Control Manager, Jotun Paints, 3671, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Improving accurarcy of paint delivery

In the beginning of 2006, Nippon Paint started to make some simple changes by implementing an Intermec barcoding system to its operations in Singapore, with the support from Intermec’s partner MuRho. Nippon Paint’s goal was to improve the accuracy of paint delivery, while reducing administrative work.
Using Intermec’s MobileLAN WA22 wireless LAN access point, with Intermec 730 and Intermec 730 i-Safe handheld mobile computers, Nippon Paint redesigned the 5-stage work process with the use of technology; manufacturing, item movement from production to logistics, stock-taking, selection and loading.
The process is now barcoded and automatically integrated from where packing begins, and ending when the goods leave the factory premises.

The system has increased the worker’s efficiency and improved the productivity of the company. The system also reduces time required to train new staff, and ensures more consistent work processes regardless of staff experience. With the success of this system, Nippon Paint may propagate this to other facilities in the future.

Godwin, Harold Chukwuemeka and Achara, Okechukwu Michael

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