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332710 - Productivity in Machine Shops - Industrial Engineering and Lean Thinking


November 2014

The Liebherr LC 100 - 5 second cycle times

The Liebherr LC 100, introduced at AMB 2014 in September, is designed to machine small parts in mass production, including standard part for automatic gearbox applications, such as planetary and sun gears.
The machine enables achievement cycle times of approximately 5 seconds—just 20% of the time such a process usually takes.

Since its launch in 2013, Kennametal’ s NOVO advanced digital tool selector and process planner has been interfacing tool management, e-commerce, and other programs to capture accurate, timely tool knowledge for shops that need more and more actionable data. NOVO Version 1.3 is connecting via the cloud to tool management.


Controlling the Cost of Tooling

New HMCs for High-Productivity Medical Parts Production
Makino introduces two CNCs that achieve efficiency and accuracy, in a space-saving configuration

Precision, Productivity for Optical and Mechanical Parts
Multi-axis “ultra precision” machining for parts up to 1-m diameter
Nanoform® L 1000 was designed for “ultimate productivity and flexibility in diamond turning and deterministic microgrinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components.”

Romi Expands Turning Series, Emphasizes Productivity
Romi GL 400 turning center, powered by a 30-hp motor and able to turn parts up to 400 mm diameter and 1,000 mm long. The GL turning center series was designed for medium- and high-volume production, with great efficiency and productivity.

Romi VTL 700MR vertical turning cente has a 46-hp motor, making it capable of plate turning parts up to 700 mm diameter. The VTL 700MR is capable of milling, drilling and tapping operations, too, improving its contribution to shop productivity.

High-Efficiency, High-Productivity Multi-Sided Machining
Okuma introduces new five-axis vertical machining center
The MU-6300V was recognized by the Japanese business and technology daily Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun as one of 2012’s ten best new products.

5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Machining Unleaded Brass
If you are engaged in machining brass parts that will be used to deliver potable water, now you have to machine these parts from no-lead brass. It is expected that in the near future lead will no longer be used in any ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. CNC machine shops face new challenges in switching to unleaded material and have to plan for low cost machining of unleaded brass.

Seco Tools boosts efficiency with tools providing faster cutting speeds and increased tool life.


Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders Need No Intermediate Sleeves
Redesigned Schunk series is even more universal, with torque transmission capacity increased up to 15%.

10 Best Machine Shops - 2006

Grinding wheel productivity
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