Thursday, November 6, 2014

Best Machine Shop Surveys by American Machinist

Came across the survey of 2006

•Advance Turning & Manufacturing Inc.
•B&W Trailer Hitches
•Command Tooling Systems
•E.H. Wachs Company
•MKT Innovations
•Phinney Bay Machine Works
•PNM Company
•SPM Corp
•SOR Corp
•Turning Inc.

Turning Inc.

Number of employees 5
Sales $505,000

Quality is important. The key is in-process quality checking that does not add to a part's cycle time because it is done during cutting time. Even when the in-process checking does add to a part's cycle time, the amount is miniscule as compared with the time the customer would waste shipping back the part and operators reworking it.  

Turning Inc. tries its best not to scrap even the first. For the first piece of a job,  the machine offsets are adjusted out about 0.005 in. so the part won't come off undersize. Then the offsets are  re-adjusted. This may add a little time to cutting the first part, but scrapping the part is eliminated in the set up job.

The shop also focuses on cycle time reduction  and uses a lot of fixturing for holding multiple parts. Savings of even 5 percent make the shop competitive.

The owner says experience, skilled staff and latest manufacturing technology are essential to success and hence the shop is prepared to invest in latest technology. .

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