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Industrial Engineering in Cement Production by Thomas Edison

Edison got a patent for efficient method of burning portland cement clinker in 1915.

In this patent, Edison suggested diameter to length ration of the kiln as one to twenty seven. This operation requires only 75 pounds of coal per barrel of clinker.

Patent details

Patent list of Edison in the area of cement 

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20 October - Birthday Sir Frederic Charles Bartlett - Ergonomics

Birthday of Sir Frederic Charles Bartlett is 20 October, 1886

He was an English psychologist who was Britain's most outstanding cognitive psychologist between the World Wars. He wrote on practical (ergonomic) problems in applied psychology, but is best-known for his pioneering cognitive approach to understanding human memory. In forming one of the earliest models of memory, Bartlett observed that in remembering stories or events there is a tendency for distortions to occur.

His famous article on Future of Ergonomics in 1962

Engineering "Industrial Engineering" Curriculum

Industrial Engineering curriculum can have now many subjects with the term Industrial Engineering in it.

IE in Different Functions

Product Design Industrial Engineering

Maintenance System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Information Systems Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Financial System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Marketing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Supply Chain Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Manufacturing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Total Cost Industrial Engineering - Industrial Engineering of Enterprise Cost

Quality System Industrial Engineering


IE for Different Technologies

Nano Technology Industrial Engineering


IE in Different Sectors of Industries

Health Care - Hospital Industrial Engineering


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Project Industrial Engineering

Project Industrial Engineering - An Explanation

Industrial Engineering is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering. It has multiple techniques used to identify and eliminate waste, i.e improving efficiency or productivity and thus reduce cost from designs or plans or ongoing activities

Project industrial engineering has a role in project design, project execution and project management.

Project industrial engineering is concerned  with efficient resource use in projects.
Value engineering is applied in project design. In USA, in all civil engineering projects application of  value engineering is an important step. In the execution of project manpower is used and human effort engineering component of industrial engineering has an important role to play in manpower planning. MOST based time estimation and manpower planning is becoming popular. Construction processes can be subjected to process efficient improvement studies. Mathematical and OR based optimization needs to be utilized in project execution and as well as project management. Engineering economic analysis is applied in project design, execution and management activities.

Project industrial engineering can be organized as a separate function in project organizations and it can pay for itself as a overhead activity by identifying and eliminating waste in plans and designs developed by functional engineers and managers.

Project Value Engineering

what is the meaning of value engineer the project?

Value engineering of public transport projects

Idaho Transport Department - Value Engineering Guidelines

Human Effort Engineering in Projects

Efficient Use of Personnel in a Project

Efficient Use of Resources

Gathering and analysis of work performance information is essential to the project management plan and should be considered a priority. Work performance information contributes to the efficient use of resources

Efficient Use of Construction Resources

Equipment Efficiency


Conceptual Construction Equipment Utilization Plan

Equipment Cost - Presentation

Labor, Material and Equipment Utilization in Construction Projects,_material,_and_equipment_utilization.html

CKGP/PW Industrial Engineers - Consultants

CKGP/PW & Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved
989 Chicago Rd., Troy, MI  48083
Program Management  •  Manufacturing & Paint Process Engineering  •  Productivity Improvement

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Cement Technology and Industry Industrial Engineering

Maintenance Practices in Cement Industry
Hani Shafeek, Faculty of Engineering ,Industrial Engineering Department
, King Abdulaziz University, Rabigh Branch, KSA
Faculty of Industrial Education, Suez Canal University, Egypt
2012 paper

Technological Trends in Cement Industry - Energy and Environmental impact

Seminar on Energy Conservation in Cement Industry 1994

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nano Technology Industrial Engineering - Collected Reading

Papers Presented in IIE Conferences

Introducing Nano and Bio Manufacturing Coursework within Industrial Engineering Curriculum
Desai, Salil; Pai, Devdas; Sankar, Jag. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 493-498.

 Application of Femtosecond Laser in Micro/Nano Machining
Devarajan, Sasikumar; Chang, Zenghu; Lei, Shuting. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

 Setting the Optimal Parameters for a Nano-Particle Milling Process
Hou, Tung-Hsu (Tony); Su, Chi-Hung; Chang, Hsu-Yang; Chan, Watson; Liu, Wan-Lin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2005): 1-6.

 A Hybrid Segmentation Method for Nano-particle Characterization
Ker, Jun-Ing; Liu, Xinchuan; Wu, Shi-Je; Erinjeri, Jinson J. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2004): 1-5.

 High-bandwidth Nano-Positioning Modules for High-throughput Micro/Nano Manufacturing
Polit, Sebastian; Dong, Jingyan. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1603-1608.

 Enhancement of Mechanical Properties in Polymer Composites Using Reinforced Nano-structured Materials
McGhee, Elaina; Desai, Salil; Chandrasekar, S; Compton, W D. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2005): 1-5.

 Understanding Microdroplet Evaporation towards Scalable Micro/Nano Fabrication
Desai, Salil; Esho, Taye; Kaware, Ravindra. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

 Material Characterization of Nano-Structured Al-Ni Intermetallic Composites using Residual Stresses
Rajamani, Karthik Kumar; Rivero, Iris V; Pantoya, Michelle. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2005): 1-4.

 A Microchemical Nanofactory for the Production of Dendritic Polymers
Paul, B K; Abhinkar, B; Tseng, T; Liu, S-H; Chang, C-H; et al. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

 Grand Challenges for Industrial Engineering in the 21st Century
Askin, Ronald G. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1-6.

 A Design-Based Nanotechnology Course for Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Students
Jaksic, Nebojsa I. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

 Nanomanufacturing under Lean and Green Principles
Naidu, Sasikumar; Sawhney, Rapinder; Dhingra, Rajive; Knickerbocker, Cherie. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

 Experimental Optimization of Nanomagnetic Properties
Cedeño-Mattei, Yarilyn; Perales-Pérez, Óscar; Sánchez-Peña, Matilde L; Cabrera-Ríos, Mauricio; Lara-Rodríguez, Yareni. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1489-1493.

 Periodic Loci Surface Reconstruction in Nano Material Design
Wang, Yan. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 405-410.

 Computing Molecular Motions with Haptics for Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD)
Lai-Yuen, Susana K; Lee, Yuan-Shin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

 Manipulation and Assembly of Micro Devices
Cecil, J; Vasquez, D; Powell, D. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2004): 1-6.

Multi-material Micro-scale Robotic Deposition
Mukhopadhyay, Deepkishore; Bristow, Douglas A; Ferreira, Placid M. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2005): 1-6.

 Corrosion studies on the plasma-sprayed nanostructured titanium dioxide coatings
Ahmad, Z; Ahsan, M. Anti - Corrosion Methods and Materials56. 4 (2009): 187-195.

Alp, Neslihan; Jones, Frank; Hiestand, James; Bailey, Robert. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-5.

Sharma, Nitin; Porter, J David; Paul, Brian K. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2003): 1-6.

 Cold Cathode Field Emission Properties of Nanofiber and Nanotube Buckypaper
Chen, Yi-Wen; Park, Jin-Gyu; Liang, Richard; Zhang, Chuck; Wang, Ben; et al. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1616-1622.
...7-inch CNT-BLU at the CEATEC Conference [6]. The Industrial Technology

 Machining of Heavy Tungsten Alloy with Ceramic and Coated Carbide Tools
Abukhshim, Nuri A; Nisar, Salman; Sheikh, Mohammed A; Mativenga, Paul T. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1471-1476.

 UVAG of Brittle Materials: DoE with a Cutting Force Model
Qin, Na; Pei, Z J; Cong, W L; Guo, D M. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

 Bioprinting of FITC Conjugated Bovine Serum Albumin towards Stem Cell Differentiation
Desai, Salil; Richardson, Ardarion; Lee, Sang Jin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.


 Manufacture of High-Strength, Thermally Stable Nanostructured Materials
Shankar, M Ravi. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 1393-1397.

 Characterization of the SilSpin Etch-Back (breakthrough) Process for Nanolithography with CHF^sub 3^ and O2 Gas Chemistry
Venkateswaran, Jayendran; Son, Young-Jun. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

 Luminance analysis of laser post-process for buckypaper cathode via Design of Experiments methodology
Chen, YiWen; Zhang, Mei; Liang, Richard; Zhang, Chuck; Wang, Ben; et al. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1609-1615.

Citation/AbstractFull textFull text - PDF (592 KB)‎
 Combining QFD and Process Management Techniques in Phase-in Nanotechnology - An Empirical Study of the Semiconductor Industry
Chen, Chee-Cheng; Wu, Huei-Ching. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 1004-1009.

 Fabrication of Novel Single-chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells towards Green Technology
Yang, Man; Xu, Zhigang; Desai, Salil; Sankar, Jag. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2009): 1435-1439.

 Thermal Behavior of Raw and Purified SWNT Samples: XRD Studies
Allaf, Rula; Swain, Shayla; Rivero, Iris V. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

 Competitive and collaborative supply chains: The strategic role of product innovation, secondary markets and channel structure
Diss.Bhaskaran Nair, Sreekumar Radhadevi. The University of Texas at Austin, 2006. 3246883.

 Biomanufacturing of Microcapsules for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Applications
Desai, Salil; Sankar, Jag; Moore, Anthony; Harrison, Benjamin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 507-512.

 Fabricating 3-D Electronics Using Continuous Ink-Jet Printing
Mei, Junfeng; Lovell, Michael; Mickle, Marlin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

The conference proceedings can be accessed from Proquest and other electronic research paper databases.


Optimal Seed Planting for Growth Regulated Nanomanufacturing

Information of Projects under progress

Large-Scale Manufacturing of Nanoparticulate-Based Lubrication Additives
Development of Boron-Based Nanolubrication Additives for Improved Energy Efficiency and Reduced Emissions

Self-Assembled Biomimetic Nanostructured Anti-Reflection Coatings for Highly Efficient Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Health Care - Hospital Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Industrial Engineering and Healthcare
Koelling, C Patrick, PhD; Schwandt, Michael. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Healthcare Systems Engineering - Context and Techniques
Wu, Bin; Klein, Cerry. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Data Envelopment Estimates for the Most Efficient National Healthcare Systems Given Uncertain Proportional Rate Inputs
Ceyhan, Mehmet E; Benneyan, James C. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 1760-1765.

Human Effort Engineering


Training in Health Care: The Benefits of Context and Emergency Simulation on Patient Handling
Resnick, Marc L; Sanchez, Roderick. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 46-51.

System Efficiency Engineering

Methods Efficiency Engineerng
Process Analysis, Operation Analysis, Methods Study

Frank Gilbreth and health care delivery method study driven learning
Towill, Denis R. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance22. 4 (2009): 417-440.

Engineering Economics

The Health Care Economics of Automating Health Care Systems
Jones, Erick C; Thummalapalli, Rama. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

Application of Statistics

A survey on statistical methods for health care fraud detection
Li, Jing; Huang, Kuei-ying; Jin, Jionghua; Shi, Jianjun. Health Care Management Science11. 3 (Sep 2008): 275-87.

Stratified random sampling for estimating billing accuracy in health care systems
Buddhakulsomsiri, Jirachai; Parthanadee, Parthana. Health Care Management Science11. 1(Mar 2008): 41-54.

Stratification and Clustering Methods for Billing Accuracy in Healthcare Systems
Parthanadee, Parthana; Buddhakulsomsiri, Jirachai; Kachhal, Swatantra. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

OR and Optimization

Modeling and Optimization of Health Care processes
Ramudhin, Amar; Chan, Eric; Benziane, Riadh; Mokadem, Abdelkader. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Improving Emergency Department Physician Management via Computer Simulation
Xu, Samuel; Rogers, Paul; Rohleder, Thomas R; Cooke, David L. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 834-839.

Real Life Issues in Modeling Health Care Capacity (Presentation)
Goto, Jason; Wong, Simon. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 1-69.

Techniques in Modeling Healthcare Operation Data from Hospitals to Improve Scheduling: a Review and Assessment
Rinder, Maria M; Weckman, Gary. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

Reducing patient wait times and improving resource utilization at British Columbia Cancer Agency's ambulatory care unit through simulation
Santibáñez, Pablo; Chow, Vincent S; French, John; Puterman, Martin L; Tyldesley, Scott. Health Care Management Science12. 4 (Dec 2009): 392-407.

JIT and Lean in Health Care

Measuring lean initiatives in health care services: issues and findings
Kollberg, Beata; Dahlgaard, Jens J; Per-Olaf Brehmer. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management56. 1 (2007): 7-24.

A Discussion and Model of Risk in Hospital Evacuation Planning
Becker, Lindsay; Brenes, Jaclyn; Hatcher, Michelle; Taaffe, Kevin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 43-47.

A Test of the Design Rules in Health Care
Ghosh, Manimay; Sobek, Durward K, II. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Integrating Systems Engineering Technologies to Drive Health Systems Performance Improvement
Koelling, C Patrick; Schwandt, Michael. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 487-492.

Operations Industrial Engineering

Operations of a manufacturing company include research and development, product design, process design, manufacturing, supply of materials and components, quantity, quality and cost planning and control, maintenance and distribution. Operations of service companies also have  similar activities.

Product Design Industrial Engineering

Maintenance System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Information Systems Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Supply Chain Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Manufacturing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Total Cost Industrial Engineering - Industrial Engineering of Enterprise Cost

Quality System Industrial Engineering

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Financial Industrial Engineering - Scope

IE is strategic. That is why even today Taylor is part of all management text books. But the contribution of IEs after Taylor era is not significant.

Cost is strategic. Cost provides you the competitive advantage. Porter clearly stated it.
But what is the contribution of IEs to this strategic dimension? You can't find any from the published material. Either IEs are not contributing much or they are not making it visible.

IEs have a role in New product/service design. Target costing brought this role into much more focus. Once again I do not see any IE contributions in published material in this initiative. IEs are not contributing significantly in their core strategic area of importance to the organization. Bottom line improvement given a budgeted top line is extremely important strategic function every period and if IEs contribute to it by providing well laid out plans understood by managers, they will be appreciated, recognized and will be given board positions. IEs have to contribute significantly to the management of the Total cost of the enterprise and this may be called Total cost industrial engineering. You may make it a component of the Financial industrial engineering. Engineering economic appraisal can also become part of the financial industrial engineering. Engineering economic appraisal is techno-economic evaluation of the engineering proposals from the industrial engineering point of view - that is efficiency point of view.

It is the contribution of IE department to the bottom line in every period and in every project and in every new product and service that gives brand value to the profession. Financial Industrial Engineering has to be the contribution of IE function expressed in financial terms and the subject must have the tools to make IEs understand the scope for their activities, and to state the results of their activities in financial terms.

There is separately Financial System Industrial Engineering, which is application of IE tools and expertise to the financial and accounting system of the organization.

My comment in Linkedin Group of IIE

Functional Industrial Engineering Subjects

The idea was mooted in September 2012.

Industrial engineering has a focus in system efficiency and will help every business function to improve efficiency of effective system designed for it by functional specialists of that discipline. Industrial engineers have actually shown results in every business function with their methods, tools and techniques. The IE tools and techniques are getting enlarged, improved and enriched by the involvement  of all in the area of efficiency improvement. IE department and professionals are always willing to learn new things and methods that help in improving the efficiency of systems and apply them in practice.

Product Design Industrial Engineering

Maintenance System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Information Systems Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Financial System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Marketing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Supply Chain Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Manufacturing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Total Cost Industrial Engineering - Industrial Engineering of Enterprise Cost

Quality System Industrial Engineering

Comment in Linkedin Group of IIE

I feel one channel to improve brand recognition is to create subjects in industrial engineering for each business function and sector. I am making a beginning and trying to collect papers, articles, case studies and presentations that are focused on each business function.

Product Design Industrial Engineering

Maintenance System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Information Systems Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Financial System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Marketing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Supply Chain Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Manufacturing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Total Cost Industrial Engineering - Industrial Engineering of Enterprise Cost

The idea is to collect up to 100 articles for each subject. Even though the collection looks haphazard at the beginning, we can classify them better at a later stage. I need to circulate these lists to large number of students and alumni and request them to suggestion more for inclusion.


IE for Different Technologies

Nano Technology Industrial Engineering


IE in Different Sectors of Industries

Health Care - Hospital Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering Course Pages and Notes

Engineering Economy or Economics

Professor Rakesh Negi, SUNY Buffalo
Facilities Design
Professor Rakesh Negi, SUNY Buffalo

Engineering Project Management
Prof Erich Kreidler, USC
More files from USC (important source)

Human Factors, Ergonomics

Human Factors practicum
Prof. Colin Drury, SUNY Bufflalo
Introduction to Work Design
Dr. Andris Freivalds, Penn State University
Mechanics of the Musculoskeletal System
Dr. Andris Freivalds, Penn State University
Methods, Work Measurement and Employee Motivation
Dr. Andris Freivalds, Penn State University


Operations Research - Jayant Rajagopal

NonLinear Programming Theory

Probability and Applied Probability, Statistiscs
Prof. Wayne F. Bialas, SUNY Buffalo
Work Design - Productivity and Safety
Dr. Andris Freivalds, Penn State University

Production - Manufacturing Systems

Networks, Routing and Logistics

Sustainability Engineering

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Lean Six Sigma Methods - MIT Course YouTube Videos - Part 3













Lean Six Sigma Methods - MIT Course Contents - Part 1














Accelerating Product Engineering Processes Across Semiconductor Supply Chain Using Serus' MPM Solutions for Rapid ROI.



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Supply Chain Efficiency - Supply Chain Waste Elimination - Lean Supply Chain

Supply Chain Efficiency - Supply Chain Waste Elimination -

Supply Chain Efficiency - Concept and Measures

Exploring Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Supply Chain - Conceptual Analysis

Measurement of Efficiency in a Supply Chain'
Doctoral Thesis

Supply Chain Responsiveness and Efficiency – Complementing or Contradicting Each Other?

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency - DEA Approach
Indian Pharma Industry - 2012 paper

Ilsuk Kim, Hokey Min, (2011) "Measuring supply chain efficiency from a green perspective", Management Research Review, Vol. 34 Iss: 11, pp.1169 - 1189

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency and Congestion - DEA approach - Shipping

How SCOR Model Enhances Global Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness

An Approach towards Overall Supply Chain Efficiency - MS Thesis 2002

Lean Supply Chain

Lean supply chain. The aim is to reduce the total cost of the supply chain-removing waste and creating the most value for the customer.

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

Combining Lean and Agile Supply Chain - 2011 Paper

Supply Chain Cost Reduction - Book by Amacom

Lean Supply Chain - Concept, Development and Design

Lean Thinking for the Supply Chain

Seven Steps to Building a Lean Supply Chain
Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Mandyam M. Srinivasan is The Ball Corporation Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Tennessee. He is the author of the book, Streamlined: 14 Principles for Building and Managing the Lean Supply Chain.

From Lean Manufacturing to Lean Supply Chain: A Foundation for Change
2004 Paper by Lawson, USA$FILE/Lawson_Whitepaper_2_A4_LowRes.pdf

Understanding the Lean Supply Chain - Beginning the Journey
2005 Report on Lean Practices in  Supply Chain
APICS - ORACLE - Georgia Southern University

Lean practices in the supply Chain - 2008 Survey
Jones Long LaSalle Report - with participation of APICS, Georgia Tech, and Supply Chain Visions

Lean in Supply Chain Planning  - 2011 Report
Cap Gemini

Lean Supply Chain Road Map - Book Chapter - McGraw-Hill - 2011

Webinars by Georgia Tech
Becoming a Lean Supply Chain Professional - Episode 1
Becoming a Lean Supply Chain Professional - Episode 2

Analytics and Risk Management for Supply Chain Efficiency

From Supply to Demand Chain Management: Efficiency and Customer Satisifaction
2002 - JOM article



Supply Chain Efficiency - Company News and Reports

Unilever supply chain efficiency, 2009

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Operator Training for Productivity and Efficiency

Hylton J.G. Haynes
2002 MS Thesis

Operations training - Zenith Technologies

2009 MBA thesis

Value Engineering Tablet Computer - Design and Development of Tablet Computer for Masses

What is value engineering of IPad?

Value engineering of IPad means that current specifications of the IPad are not disturbed, the look and feel of the device is not disturbed, the customer should not feel any difference between the new instrument and the old instrument,but its cost has to come down.

What manufacturers like Datawind have tried to do with low cost tablet computer projects ($35 per tablet) is to come out with barebone models that have different specifications but tried to provide the essential function of the tablet computer, access to internet. It may be a difficult job, but they have done it. The effort they had put into the activity could facilitate value engineering of IPad.

What Datawind has done to manufacture tablet computers at $35?

The tablet has over 800 components sourced from various places around the world[1].

While many manufacturers  buy modules or sub-assemblies, which usually have high markups, Datawind bought components and assembled them into modules.  They get a bunch of finished components and put the device together in an assembly factory.

Removing the margins on the modules and going down to the component level helped Datawind to get components at lower prices. It was able to use low cost processes for assembling them into modules. By buying the LCD screen (most expensive component) in semi-finished condition,  Datawind was able to push its cost down to under 10$. It completed the remaining processes in its assembly facility[1].

Tuli, CEO of Datawind  explained thatDataWind was able to cut down the price to US$8/unit because the firm purchased uncompleted units and did the rest of the gluing and soldering needed to finish the job[4].

Akash Tablet PC utilizes 35% components from South Korea, 25% from China, and 16% from both India and the US. Remaining components are being arranged from all over the world depending upon where the cheapest source is.

Akash Tablet PC has a 7 inch display that has a resolution of 800×400 PIXELS. It weighs around 350g. It runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and is packed with 366 MHz processor with internal memory of 2 GB. The memory can be increased using micro SD cards. The battery (2100mAh) runs for about 3 hours[2].

DataWind also opted for the free Android operating system and tweaked it to work on its devices' cheaper but weaker processors (ARM 11 – 366 MHz microprocessors in the case of Aakash)[4].

The Indian government buys the tablet from the company for US$49.98 and resells it for the subsidized cost of US$35/unit[4].

Low Cost Tablets from BEL $72 [3]

By December 2011, BEL delivered 600,000 7-inch tablets to Ministry of Rural Development  (MoRD), and an additional 40,000 units in January 2012. It cost $72,

Interview with Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind - Developer of $35 cost tablet computer - 2011


References and Bibliography


Early User Review of Akash Tablet

Related Information

Electronic manufacturing services - Simmtronics

Component price comparison

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Performance Rating in Work Measurement - Bibliography

A Survey of Performance Rating Research in Work Measurement
1988 MS Thesis, Kansas State University

The University of Michigan - IEOR Faculty Notification - 1 November 2012 Deadline

Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering Faculty Positions
The Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan invites applications and nominations for faculty positions beginning September, 2013.
We seek outstanding candidates for faculty positions in the areas of Human Factors and Ergonomics at all levels and in Discrete Event Simulation at all levels. Applicants in research areas including cognitive and physical ergonomics, and system safety are encouraged to apply, as are applicants with research and teaching interests in simulation modeling and analysis.
Candidates must have a Ph.D. and must demonstrate a strong commitment to high-quality research and evidence of teaching potential. Experience related to manufacturing and/or service operations is desirable. Candidates for Associate or Full Professor should have a commensurate record of research publications and are expected to provide organizational and research leadership, develop sources of external funding, build relationships with industry, and interact with faculty colleagues.
Candidates should provide (i) a current C.V., (ii) a list of references, and one page summary statements describing: (iii) career teaching plans; and (iv) research plans. Candidates should have their references send recommendations to us directly at The deadline for ensuring full consideration of an application is November 1, 2012, but the positions will remain open and applications may still be considered, at the discretion of the hiring committee, until appointments are made.
We seek candidates who will provide inspiration and leadership in research and actively contribute to teaching. We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute, through their research, teaching and/or service, to the diversity and excellence of the academic community. The University of Michigan is responsive to the needs of dual career families.
Please submit your application to the following: