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Marketing System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Marketing system industrial engineering is the study of resource use in various marketing activities with a view to increasing the efficiency or eliminating the waste wherever possible. While the marketing activities are undertaken to understand and serve the needs of the targeted customers in a market, resources namely, people, equipment, material, information and various services are used in the activities.  The resource use in the marketing activities is carefully investigated by the industrial engineering to identify and remove waste. Industrial engineering succeeded in reducing the cost of many processes designed in the first iteration by the managers up to 50% and hence it is a very important activity in systems design or systems engineering.

Famous example of industrial engineering, is Henry Ford's production system redesign, that reduced the price of the automobile by half.

System Industrial Engineering - System Human Effort Engineering - System Efficiency Engineering

Human Effort Engineering - Techniques

1. Principles of Motion Economy
2. Motion Study
3. Workstation Design
4. Application of Ergonomics and Biomechanics
5. Fatigue Studies
6. Productivity/Safety/Comfort Device Design
7. Standardization of  Methods
8. Operator training
9. Incentive Systems
10. Job Evaluation
11. Learning effect capture
12. Work Measurement


1. Process Analysis
2. Operation Analysis
3. Layout Efficiency Analysis
4. Value engineering
5. Statistical quality control
6. Statistical inventory control and ABC Classification Based Inventory Sytems
7. Six sigma
8. Operations research
9. Variety reduction
10. Standardization
11. Incentive schemes
12. Waste reduction or elimination
13. Activity based management
14. Business process improvement
15. Fatigue analysis and reduction
16. Engineering economy analysis
17. Learning effect capture and continuous improvement (Kaizen, Quality circles and suggestion schemes)
18. Standard costing


Application of quantitative analysis in marketing decisions was dealt with in a book by Kotler

The application of industrial engineering to marketing management.
Chapter 33 in Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering by Adedeji Badiru

Travelling salesman problem

Counter design problems in Railway reservation counter, banks, call centers

OR analysis of media planning

Distribution center efficiency improvement

Sales Force Productivity Improvement - An Industrial Engineering Activity

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