Sunday, September 16, 2012

Henry Hallowell Farquhar - HBS Professor's Support to Scientific Management

Henry Hallowell Farquhar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in 1915 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1916.

Farquhar, a strong supporter of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theory, assisted in teaching factory management at Harvard Business School in 1915-1916 while studying for MBA.

After graduation, he instructed that course from 1916-1920 and in 1920, he was promoted to Assistant Professor of Industrial Management.  After teaching Industrial Management for six years, Farquhar resigned from the faculty of Harvard Business School as a result of differences of opinion over the way this course should be taught.

Henry Farquhar worked as a consultant on production, sales , and financial reorganization work for various firms in the Boston area while on the faculty of Harvard Business School. In 1925 he became the comptroller for A. L. Smith Iron Works in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

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