Saturday, September 22, 2012

IEs focus on System Efficiency - More IE Institutes Declare Now

Senior design projects consist of a real-world application of IE principles by teaming students with a local industry in Indiana. Teams have taken on full-scale projects like designing floor layouts for factories and hospitals, designing operations to improve system efficiency, reducing time and waste in processing, allocating resources to optimize system performance, and developing a safety plan for preventing work-related injuries.

Purdue University

Industrial engineering is a engineering discipline which is with the goal of improving system efficiency and realizing system optimization, it combines engineering technology and management science, from the system point  to processing quantitative analysis, optimization and design of actual engineering and management issues of manufacturing, service and other enterprises’ technology management, production planning, operations management etc.

Hebei United University

Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that tries to maximize the efficiency of machine, process, product, or system. An industrial engineer tries to eliminate waste of time, materials, energy, money, and other resources. The branch plays a pivotal role in increasing efficiencies and decreasing waste and helps in almost all industries

The Engineering system group in the Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsinghua University endeavors to improve understanding about the nature of operations in engineering systems, such as, production systems, service systems (logistics, healthcare, etc), and develop methods and techniques to improve efficiency, quality and cost of manufacturing and service, since these factors directly affect the quality of life of people in China as well as in the world.

Whether it's streamlining an operating room, distributing products worldwide, improving customer relationships through the internet or designing an airplane cockpit, all industrial engineers share the common goal of increasing an organization's efficiency, profitability and safety.

University of Toronto.

Industrial engineering technicians specialize in helping to determine the most efficient way to use people, machines, materials, and energy in business and industry. That role is becoming more important as factories become more automated and manufacturing becomes more time conscious and quality oriented.

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