Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is the Difference Between Industrial Engineering and Management?

Management is selecting a task that is to be done, developing a plan for doing it, creating an organization plan that involves capital equipment, people and other resources, acquiring those resources, recruiting and training people, directing them to accomplish the task by giving them the resources and controlling the activity of the organization so that the task is completed.

Industrial engineering participates in this managerial process, by doing studies of efficiency of resource use. In every major managerial task undertaken by a managers there are many minor tasks termed as processes, activities, and plainly as tasks, operations and elements. Industrial engineers study the efficiency of these processes, activities or tasks and improve them as possible to give more efficiency. Industrial Engineering is a staff service or staff activity in the managerial process.

Do industrial engineers manage? As per the definition of management, every task is to be managed. Industrial engineering activities or projects or studies are also tasks and they are to be managemed. Hence senior industrial engineers act as managers of the IE departments, sections, and projects.

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By @TanvirMastan
@knoltweet By Name.otherwise course outline is same.

My reply

@TanvirMastan It looks like that because IE curriculums have to cover basics of each and every function of business.

IE curriculums have many management subjects to teach basics of various business functions and their management. But they do not have subjects of IE for each of these business functions. Probably there is enough content for developing IE subject for every business functions. I am making the beginning.

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Supply Chain Industrial Engineering
Marketing System Industrial Engineering
Financial System Industrial Engineering

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