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Industrial Engineering of Systems - System Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering of Systems - System Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering of Systems - System Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers work on functional designs created by various engineers and managers and make them more efficient by improving resource use efficiency. Presentation at a Global Conference on the topic is included in the article.



Have you industrial engineered your systems?

The Toyota man,  Ohno said industrial engineering is profit engineering. If you have not industrial engineered your systems, you are leaving potential profit on the table. Industrial engineering is a set of techniques to evaluate your systems' functional designs for efficiency. Wherver there is scope, IE will improve the system's efficiency. What is efficiency? Efficiency or productivity is output/input. A functionally designed system is expected to achieve certain output. Actually the system is designed for a specific installed capacity. Industrial engineers work on this functional design and reduce resource input.

What is Industrial Engineering?

"Industrial Engineering is Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineeering. It is an engineering discipline that deals with the design of human effort and system efficiency in all occupations: agricultural, manufacturing and service. The objectives of Industrial Engineering are optimization of productivity of work-systems and occupational comfort, health, safety and income of persons involved."
The definition emphasizes human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering.

What are techniques of Industrial Engineering?


Human Effort Engineering - Techniques

1. Principles of Motion Economy
2. Motion Study
3. Workstation Design
4. Application of Ergonomics and Biomechanics
5. Fatigue Studies
6. Productivity/Safety/Comfort Device Design
7. Standardization of  Methods
8. Operator training
9. Incentive Systems
10. Job Evaluation
11. Learning effect capture

Efficiency Improvement Techniques of Industrial engineering 

1. Process Analysis 
2. Operation Analysis 
3. Time study
4. Value engineering
5. Statistical quality control
6. Statistical inventory control and ABC Classification Based Inventory Sytems
7. Six sigma
8. Operations research
9. Variety reduction
10. Standardization
11. Incentive schemes
12. Waste reduction or elimination
13. Activity based management
14. Business process improvement
15. Fatigue analysis and reduction
16. Engineering economy analysis
17. Learning effect capture and continuous improvement (Kaizen, Quality circles and suggestion schemes)
18. Standard costing
19. 5S
20. SMED


I made presentation on the topic in the GloGift 2010 conference organized at the Keio University, Yokohama City, Tokyo. The presentation is given below.
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