Saturday, April 11, 2015

Production Industrial Engineering

1. Jigs and Fixtures Design
3. Poka Yoke
4. Automation and Autonomation - Productivity Impact Analysis of Recent Developments in Automation and Autonomation Field.  Engineering Economic Analysis of Latest CIM Developments.
5. High Speed Machining for Productivity
6. Engineering Economic Analysis of Robots
7. Energy Conservation in Production Processes
8. Work Station Design
9. Design for Manufacturing
10. Design for Assembly
11. Gravity Chutes Design to Reduce Handling Time for Input Materials and Components and Completed Components and Assemblies.
12. Competency Mapping for Production Trades and Jobs
13. Manufacturing Cost Analysis and Reduction
14. Manufacturing Information Systems Rationalization
15. Work in Process Inventory Rationalization

Recommended Books

Shigeo Shingo - A Study of Toyota Production System from Industrial Engineering Point of View,
Shigeo Shingo - SMED, Revolution in Manufacturing
Shigeo Shingo - Poka Yoke, Zero Quality Control.
David A. Stephenson and John S. Agapiou, Metal Cutting Theory and Practice, CRC, 2006
Chapters: Machining Optimization and Economics, High Throughput Machining, Design for Machining.
R. Venkata Rao, Advanced Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes, Springer- Verlag London Limited 2011  (archive org)
Richard B. Chase, F. Robert Jacobs, Operations and Supply Management, 12th Edition,
Chapter: Operations Technology (Supplement B), McGraw Hill

L.V. Ottinger, "Robotics for the IE: Terminology, Types of Robots," Industrial Engineering, November 1981, P.30

Appropriate research papers and case study examples can be added by the faculty.

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