Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lean and Clean Production Systems - Industrial Engineering Solution

Lean and clean companies boost productivity by eliminating inefficiency, streamlining production, improving the workplace environment, and increasing wages. Lean and clean companies become supremely competitive. The environmentally proactive companies had higher return on investment, higher sales growth, and higher operating income.
Many practices of energy efficiency and clean production are compatible. Both  have the same goal; systematically reducing waste. In the case of lean production  the waste is wasted time, and the measures of
inefficiency are high inventories, defects, and customer complaints. In clean production, the measure of inefficiency is pollution - air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste. If a
company has successfully  reduced waste and implmented lean,  lean and clean management is the next step in the ongoing process of increasing profits and productivity.

Henry Ford was obsessed with minimizing  wast of resource and time, His 1926 book Today and Tomorrow, reviews his many approaches to reducing waste.

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