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BMW - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

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A to Z of Industrial Engineering - Principles, Methods, Techniques, Tools and Applications

Industrial Engineering - Productivity Improvement - Process Improvement - Product Redesign - Continuous Improvement - Cost Reduction in Internal Activities and Supply Chain Partner Activities

Industrial engineering is improvement in various elements of engineering operations to increase productivity. Along with engineering elements, industrial engineers evaluate and improve many other elements also as they are responsible for productivity and cost of items produced in a process. Through assignments of improving productivity and efficiency of information technology and software engineering processes, industrial engineers specializing in IT were given responsibility for business processes also. Thus industrial engineers with focus on various branches of engineering provide their services to companies and society to improve various elements of the products and processes on a continuous basis over the product life cycle. They are active in engineering or production-maintenance-service-logistic processes and business processes.

Productivity improvement always focuses on quality and flexibility issues as productivity improvement should not lead to any deterioration in quality or flexibility. Delivery and cost are always at the core of industrial engineering. Thus when QFCD paradigm came, that is attention to quality, flexibility, cost and delivery became prominent, many industrial engineers were given the responsibility of managing this function of continuous improvement.

Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering - Brief Explanation

Productivity Science: Science developed for each element of machine operation and each element of human tasks in industry.
Productivity Science - Determinants of Productivity

Product Industrial Engineering: Redesign of products to reduce cost and increase value keeping the quality intact.
Product Industrial Engineering

Process Industrial Engineering: Redesign of processes to reduce cost and increase value keeping the quality intact.
Process Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Optimization: Optimizing industrial engineering solutions created in Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering.
Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering Statistics: Using statistical tools like data description, sampling and design of experiments in industrial engineering activity.
Statistics and Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Economics: Economic analysis of industrial engineering projects.
Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Human Effort Industrial Engineering: Redesign of products and processes to increase satisfaction and reduce discomfort and other negative consequence to operators.
Motion Study - Human Effort Industrial Engineering

Productivity Measurement: Various measurements done by industrial engineers in industrial setting to collect data, analyze data and use the insights in redesign: Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering.
Industrial Engineering Data and Measurements

Productivity Management: Management undertaken by industrial engineers to implement Product Industrial Engineering and Process Industrial Engineering. Management processes industrial engineering is also part of productivity management.
Productivity Management

Applied Industrial Engineering: Application of industrial engineering in new technologies, existing technologies, engineering business and industrial processes and other areas.
Applied Industrial Engineering - Process Steps

How many Industrial Engineers can a Company Employ for Cost Reduction?

For $100 million cost, there can be one MS IE and 6 BSIEs.

BMW - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

#13/100 BMW Group Automotive Sales: $111.23 billion Germany

BMW has a cost reduction plan.

Cost Reduction Plan - €12 billion ($13.3 billion) by 2022.

BMW’s annual investors meeting March 2020
Company officials say BMW is active in  cost reduction initiatives, has plans to slash at least €12 billion ($13.3 billion) by 2022.

They are working with suppliers to lower the cost of materials and indirect purchasing. BMW is working to streamline the product development process. By using more digital development tools and employing less human effort,  the car maker aims to cut vehicle development times by as much as one-third.

BMW GROUP  Cost Reduction Plan and Basis

  • Cost Reduction due to technological advancement, supplier consolidation and manufacturing efficiency
  • Improvement in Production Efficiency due to flexible architecture and less complexity
  • Decrease in Battery Costs due to new innovations and scalability
  • Material Costs Reduction due to higher supply and higher volume


31 March 2020

Design and Development to Cost Initiative - Hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain

The BMW Group has been working with Toyota on fuel cell technology since 2013. The  hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain  based on the current BMW X5 will be presented in 2022. A customer offer powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology will be made at the earliest in the second half of this decade. The right framework conditions and infrastructure are not yet in place. The BMW Group is  using the time  to do design and develop to cost projects to substantially reduce the cost of manufacturing the powertrain system.

Redesign, that is industrial engineering can be done periodically based on new developments in engineering science and cost implications. Measurements are also done as prototypes are made based on design changes and these measurements keep providing opportunities for further redesign.

BMW - Employee Involvement in Productivity Improvement - Cost Reduction

In 2019, record 69 million euros was saved due to employee ideas and suggestions. One idea saved 39 million euros. 8000 ideas were received in the year.

Employee Involvement in Industrial Engineering Projects




How Costs are Cut in BMW Leipig Plant? By improving processes.


APR 15, 2009

IT Systems Industrial Engineering

The collaboration between Accenture and BMW  is designed to help BMW  achieve lasting cost reductions by simplifying its processes. The contract covers more than 500 applications that BMW Group uses around the world in its automotive and component manufacturing plants and within its sales and distribution business units.

Industrial Engineers in BMW

Jakob Hafner
“Wir müssen nur lernen zu verstehen, dass man die meisten Schwierigkeiten in Chancen umwandeln kann.” (Ben Furman)
Regensburg Area, Germany

BMW Group
Total Duration18 yrs 7 mos
Industrial Engineer
Since:Nov 2019
LocationDingolfing, Bayern, Deutschland
Zuständig für Technologie Karosseriebau (TKB) in der Serie (OtD)
TitleIndustrial Engineer
Dates Employed: Jul 2017 – Oct 2019
Location: München und Umgebung, Deutschland
Zuständig für Technologie Montage (TMO) in der frühen Phase (ItO)

Christine Twikala
Industrial Engineer at BMW Group South Africa
Johannesburg Area, South Africa

BMW Group South Africa
Industrial Engineer
Since Nov 2016

Tshwane University of Technology
Field Of StudyIndustrial Engineering
Graduation 2012 – 2015

Thomas Boehnke
Industrial engineer at on behalf of BMW Munich
Munich Area, Germany

Sii engineering germany
Industrial engineer
Since Jan 2016 – Present


Productivity Improvement Cost Reduction in Internal Activities - Human Effort Industrial Engineering

September 08, 2012
BMW finds new ways to improve productivity with aging workforce
Christian Wuestner

Supply Chain Industrial Engineering - BMW

BMW Group recognises suppliers for outstanding innovations
22.11.2018 Press Release ARCHIVE
Fifth BMW Supplier Innovation Award presented at Plant Landshut

The BMW Group has honoured suppliers for their outstanding innovations and development work for the fifth time. A total of 15 suppliers were recognised for their achievements and exceptional collaboration in the categories Productivity, Sustainability, Efficient Dynamics, Digitalisation and Emotional Experience.

The BMW Group’s global network of 3,200 suppliers at 4,500 production locations in around 50 countries plays a decisive role in implementing new developments. Every day, BMW Group vehicle plants worldwide take delivery of more than 31 million parts.  Over the years, their share of value creation at the company has risen steadily and currently stands at over 70 percent. The BMW Group’s annual purchasing volume totals around 60 billion euros.

Category “Productivity

3Con: World’s fastest press laminating system

BMW joined forces with 3Con to build the world’s fastest press laminating system, which can attach sewn leather and synthetic-leather coverings to an injection-moulded part with a cycle time of only 30 seconds. Thanks to rotating combination tools, left-hand and right-hand drive components can be produced in sequence with no integration restrictions. This reduces production costs by more than 80 percent.

Purchasing and Quality International Intern (Fall 2020)

Legal Entity: BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC
Location: Spartanburg
Job ID: 2000007K

Supports buyers and QMTs on initial quality, all piece price and tool cost for assigned commodities including design change and launch cost and quality. Coordinates commercial and quality issues with the supplier. Participates on negotiations for cost reduction programs and quality improvements on parts. Implements and administers the Electronic QAF, WAF, IPQ, and RMT with the suppliers. Performs complex supplier negotiations and supplier cost analysis including raw material and component pricing. Serves as main contact with the supplier for coordination of exchanges (PCA, Deviations, Change request NAELs). Serves as key interface for internal departments to the supplier for change coordination. Creates, administers, maintains and tracks all purchase order types (Series, ISIR, etc.).

Qualifications and Experience
Successfully completed an internship/working student assignment within the BMW group (3 month period minimum)
Be currently enrolled in a University study program outside of the US
Completed intermediate diploma/pre-degree
Must provide the following paperwork in English:
           Cover letter
           Curriculum Vitae
           Last University performance record

           Relevant references and certificates

Mark Fendley, Continuous Improvement Manager at BMW

Reduction and Disposal of Robots

Bold Group took  apart the assembly process of car at BMW into its components and rearranged  them using its assembly redesign tools – to iteratively and co-creatively find new and efficient ways to use existing resources.

The redesign steps of car assembly process resulted in number of concepts to save significantly on investment costs. Iteratively rearranging and modifying components and workflows within the assembly process,  led to the disposal of a whole fleet of production robots.  Bold Group case study on BMW

Industrial engineers are employed and productivity improvement and cost reduction are practiced in many companies using Industrial engineering philosophy, principles, methods, techniques and tools.

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