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33699 Productivity and Industrial Engineering in Bicycle Manufacturing

Atlas Cycles(Haryana)Ltd., Sonepat

The company is one of the biggest Bicycle manufacturing units producing most of the components under one roof. It has got a vast Press Shop, Machine Shop, Brazing Shop, Welding Shop, Heat treatment Plant, Paint Shop, Electroplating Plant and Assembly Shop spread over in a campus of 28 acres.

 The manufacturing facilities are supported by a modern tool room

Research & Development Department provides components and tool drawings designed with the support of CAD.  Necessary press tools, fixtures, jigs, special tools, templates and gauges are manufactured on high precision machine tools, like jig boring machine, spark erosion machine etc., in tool room. All the tools and gauges pass through Tools Inspection to ensure its precision and accuracy.

Gauge Control Cell of QA ensures timely calibration of all production gauges and measuring equipment used throughout the factory.

QA has got state of art Mechanical Laboratory having Tensile Testing Machine of different ranges upto 10 Tons, Optical Profile Projector, Spring Testing machine, Vickers Hardness Testers, Rockwell Hardness Testers, GSM Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Cupping Value Tester, Rubber Abrasion Tester along with Special Testing Equipment for Handle, Pedal, Fork, Frame, Rim, Crank etc.

Chemical Laboratory of QA is equipped with paint test apparatus, carbon sulphur tester, hull cell apparatus, flash point apparatus, Kinetic viscosity bath, nickel - chrome plating tester, micro test for zinc and paint thickness testing, UV tester and Salt spray testing apparatus to provide assistance to receiving inspection, pretreatment plant, electroplating plant, paint shop etc.

The Integration of Research & Development, Tool Room, Manufacturing and QA activities has resulted in high and consistent quality level of the company products enhancing customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Productivity - Trek Bicycles

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Productivity Gain in Production of Brompton Hinge

The Brompton hinge is the biggest change on the bike for 15 years, and technically one of the most challenging ever. Brompton finally placed an order for a Haas VF-1 40-taper vertical machining centre.
Before the arrival of the Haas, all of Brompton’s hinges were manufactured on a machine tool designed and built inhouse.  “The bespoke machine is fairly inflexible. So it was decided to replace it. However, the problem wasn’t finding a machine to do the job, it was finding a solution to the technical aspects of the project, such as the workholding, methodology and the ergonomics. It seemed there were a million ways of making the components, and they needed  the most efficient and cost-effective. Haas UK set about designing a method for clamping the cast-iron hinge, including a solution that would be able to compensate for the irregularities of the cast faces.

The solution is based on a Haas QuikCube multi-fixture system, where a hinge casting is loaded using an innovative locating/aligning mechanism. This is repeated four times – on the four faces of the cube – and the whole QuikCube is loaded on the VF-1. The rotary table and right-angle heads on the VF-1 mean that the hinges are completed in a single setup – four at a time – something that Brompton was never able to achieve previously. Tolerances are ± 0.05 mm on critical dimensions. The Haas VF-1 improved efficiency, reduced cost base and increased productivity by 20 percent with the same workforce. It also provided better accuracy  and flexibility to make different types of hinges. The cube can handle new parts. So just load the news parts and press the Cycle Start button for making different designs of hinges.

The operator has found programming the Haas as easy as riding a bike. Quoting the training operation as a “real success,” the operator is regularly shaving time from machining cycles. Important time savings are being realized and the Haas VF-1 will process 45,000 hinges required in a year with plenty of capacity for more.

DIY Bamboo Cycle Workshop

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India is the second largest producer of bicycles,  next  to china. It Produces around 1.26 crore bicycles every year. More than 90 per cent of the bicycle production in India comes from four bicycle companies,  Hero Cycles 35%, Atlas Cycles 24%, TI Cycles 18% and Avon 15%. Hero Cycles has grown to become the world’s largest bicycle maker.,,6c,0,64/   The link contains projects reports on various bicycle components.

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