Friday, December 14, 2012

Energy Conservation Techniques - Efficiency Improvement Methods - Opportunites

Some case study results - 2012 Seminar

The program generated an energy savings of $ 8.8 million  in 2011  - Saudi Aramco

THES earned an incentive of $250,000 by advising Cadbury in energy savings in ammonia system control project.

Two energy projects required $1.1 million of capital and saved $1.0 million in utility steam
annually - Honeywell Chemical plant, Hopewell, Virginia

All plant utility systems were modeling and evaluating all plant utility systems  identified cost reduction opportunities or more than $5 million. - TPG Group Houston Operations

Go through abstracts of case studies of 34th Industrial Energy Technology Conference

WSU Energy Library Bulletins

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Industrial Energy Efficiency - Webcast Lectures - 2006

Energy Efficiency Policy in USA - 2009 Report

Book Real Prospects for Energy Efficiency in USA
National Academy of Sciences 2010 Book - Open Access for reading

Good returns from Energy Conservation Projects

A Unido finds that on 119 energy conservation projects, the average payback period is 1.95 years.

Articles in Bridge Magazine 2009 Summer Issue on Energy Efficiency
One of the articles is on energy efficiency in chemical industries

A Systems Approach to Overcome Industrial Energy Efficiency Barriers
MS thesis 2012, NUS

Energy Conservation Tips from Forbes Mashall

By a rule of thumb, every 5 Deg C drop in air temperature at the inlet of an air compressor reduces the energy consumption by 1%. Thus the air inlet for compressors should be taken from a cooler point.

Energy Saving Tips from Luthern College

Energy Conservation - Intech Open Book

Industrial Energy Management Course - 2012 Syllabus - UFL - ISE course

Motor Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Ideas for Homes

Intermountain Gas Company

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