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May - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

May - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision - Cost and Management Accounting and Organizational Behavior.

Both topics are of fundamental importance to Industrial Engineers. Henry Towne indicated it in 1886. Taylor followed it. Going captured it in his textbook of 1911.

The Definition "Industrial Engineering is System Efficiency Engineering and Human Effort Engineering" captures the same thought in one sentence.

Efficiency refers to the cost of designing and producing engineering goods and services. Human effort refers to human related data. Both are used by industrial engineers to redesign engineering solutions developed on the basis of  technical and scientific considerations.

Industrial engineers make the assumption of economists that commercial organizations respond to market information true by making changes to engineering designs and processes in response to market and internal factory or supply chain data.

First Week

Cost Information for Pricing Decisions
Cost Behavior Analysis and Relevant Costs

Costing for Strategic Profitability Analysis
Cost Information for Customer Profitability Analysis

Costing for Spoilage, Rework and Scrap
Costing for Quality, Time and the Theory of Constraints

Costing for Inventory Management, JIT and Backflush
Cost Information and Analysis for Capital Budgeting

Cost Information for Management Control and Performance Control
Cost Information for Transfer Pricing

Second Week

Managerial Accounting or Management Accounting - Review Notes
Relevant Information and Decision Making - Marketing Decisions

Relevant Information and Decision Making - Production
Relevant Information and Decision Making - HR

The Master Budget - Accounting Information
Flexible Budgets and Variance Analysis - Review Notes

Responsibility Accounting for Management Control
Accounting Information for Management Control in Divisionalized Companies

19 May
Capital Budgeting - Accounting and Cost Information

Organizational Behavior

19 May
Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Third Week

Environmental context: Information Technology and Globalization
Environmental context: Diversity and Ethics

Organizational Context: Design and Culture
Organizational Context:: Reward Systems

Perception and Attribution
Personality and Attitudes

Motivational Needs and Processes
Positive Psychology Approach to OB

Decision Making

Fourth Week

Stress and Conflict
Power and Politics

Groups and Teams
Managing Performance through Job Design and Goal Setting

Behavioral Performance Management
Effective Leadership Process

Principles of Industrial Engineering Presented by Professor K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao (Author of this blog) on 23 May 2017 at the Annual Conference of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers in Pittsburgh, USA.  Industrial Engineering is a management subject or discipline with Engineering as the foundation. Its primary application area is engineering systems. It augmented application area is any system.  INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING IS SYSTEM EFFICIENCY ENGINEERING AND HUMAN EFFORT ENGINEERING (Definition by Narayana Rao - Published in Udyog Pragati, Jounral of NITIE in 2006)

Download full paper - Principles of Industrial Engineering

Proceedings - 2017 Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference



Great Leaders: Styles, Activities, and Skills
Principles of Innovation

Innovation - Strategic Issues and Methodology
Idea Generation in Organizations

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

January - February - March - April - May - June

July - August - September - October - November - December

Cost Measurement is an important skill and practice area for industrial engineers,
See the slideshow - Introduction to Industrial Engineering


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Understanding human behavior, the content of the subject Organizational Behavior is also important for industrial engineers  to train operators in the redesigned methods and also to interact with them during the observation phase of the IE study and then involving them in developing new methods. Understanding human behavior is also essential to understand his commitment to work at 100% rating, commitment to zero defect production, and active participation in total industrial engineering efforts.

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