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June - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan with Links

Industrial Engineering - Introduction to  Basic Principles and Techniques

Industrial engineering converts technical products and processes created by pure engineers and managers into commercially viable products and thereby creates industries - manufacturing/engineering service concerns that satisfy the needs of the people and make profit for the organizations. On an ongoing basis industrial engineering improves the profits of the organization by eliminating wastes and reducing cost through minimizing resource use.

Industrial engineering is system efficiency engineering and human effort engineering.

IE helps in creating new industries and prosperous industries.
IE makes enterprises rich. IE makes employees rich. IE makes societies rich.

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June First Week, 1 to 5 - 2016

June First Week - IE Knowledge Revision

1 June
Industrial Engineering Introduction

Industrial engineering Principles, Methods Tools and Techniques

2 June
Functions and Focus Areas of Industrial Engineering

Pioneering Efforts of Taylor, Gilbreth and Emerson

3 June
Motion Study - Human Effort Engineering
Ergonomics - Introduction

4 June
Industrial Engineering Data and Measurements

Work Measurement

5 June

Process Industrial Engineering

Product Design Efficiency Engineering

June 2 Week, 8 to 12

8 June
Plant Layout - Efficiency
Value Engineering - Introduction

9 June
Statistical Quality Control – Industrial Engineering
Inspection Methods Efficiency Engineering

10 June
Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers
Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

11 June
Industrial Engineering and Scientific Management in Japan
Shigeo Shingo - The Japanese Industrial Engineer

12 June
System Engineering Process and Its Management
Systems Improvement Process

June 3 week, 15 to 19

15 June
Systems Installation - Installing Proposed Methods
Productivity, Safety, Comfort, and Operator Health Management

16 June
Organizing for Industrial Engineering: Historical Evolution of Thinking
Current Research in IE

Managing Change in Improvement Projects - Comfort Zone to Comfort Zone
Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Total Improvement Management
Total Industrial Engineering - H. Yamashina

Industrial Engineering Economics - Important Component of Industrial Engineering
Time Value of Money - Time Value of Money Calculations

June 22 to 26

Cash Flow Estimation for Expenditure Proposals - Depreciation and Other Related Issues
Required Rate of Return - Cost of Capital  - Required Rate of Return for Investment or Expenditure Proposal..

NPV - IRR and Other Summary Project Assessment Measures
Income Expansion Projects - Cost Reduction Projects - Replacement Decisons

Present-Worth Comparisons
Rate-of-Return Calculations

Equivalent Annual-Worth Comparisons
Expected Values and Risk of Project Revenues and Costs

Structural Analysis of Alternatives
Engineering Economic Analysis - Subject Update - Recent Case Studies

June Month Birthdays - Management Scholars and Professors

IE Techniques to be Revised

Principles of Industrial Engineering/Scientific Management by Taylor
Twelve Principles of Efficiency - Harrington Emerson
Motion study - Principles of Motion Economy, Motion Study
Ergonomics - Application of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and bio mechanics and findings of experiments on actual working situations
Work Measurement
Methods Efficiency Engineering - Operation Analysis (Maynard) - Application of Engineering Technology
Product Design Efficiency Engineering (Value Engineering) - Application of Engineering Technology
Plant Layout - Material and Man Movement Analysis and Optimization
Application of Statistics in Industrial Engineering - Six Sigma, SPC, SPC, Forecasting
Operations Research - Application of Mathematical Modelling and Optimization in Technology Processes (Product and Process), Business Processes and Managerial Processes.
Engineering Economics - Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects - Income Enhancing Projects as well as Cost Reduction Projects - It evaluates and improves capital productivity both long term as well as short term
Innovations in Industrial Engineering by Shigeo Shingo - SMED and Poka Yoke
Lean Systems Industrial Engineering - Toyota Production System

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

January - February - March - April - May - June

July - August - September - October - November - December

In months after June the articles prescribed have to be modified as a new scheme is started in 2015.

Industrial Engineering - Introduction to  Basic Principles and Techniques - June (28 article are included so far)

Scientific Management of Taylor  (July 17 articles)

12 Principles of Efficiency by Harrington Emerson

Motion Study

Operation Analysis - Method Study - Methods Efficiency Engineering (August 25 articles)

Work Measurement 

Value Engineering


Mathematics and Optimization

Application of Statistics for Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement

Engineering Economics

Business Process Improvement

Management Process Improvement

Productivity Management and Improvement (20 articles)

Lean Systems (December 20 articles)

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