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September - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course

Productivity Engineering - Product Design Based - Process Design Based

Productivity Engineering is driven by productivity science and productivity analysis



New Study Plan for September

Revision of Production Technology and Product Design

September 1st Week

Production Technology for Industrial Engineers - Knowledge Base for Industrial Engineers
Introduction - Product Design and Development

Engineering Materials for Product Design and Fabrication

Product Development Process
Metal Casting

Identifying Customer Needs for Product Development
Metal Forming - Hot Working - Cold Working

Product - Part Concept Generation, Selection and Testing - Product Architecture

September 2nd  Week

Contents of NPTEL - Manufacturing Processes II

Machining - Cutting Tools and Cutting Speeds

Lathe and Milling

Shaping, Planing and Slotting

Drilling, Boring, Reaming

Grinding - Surface Finishing

CNC Machines

Contents of NPTEL - Manufacturing Processes II

September Third Week

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing Industrial Engineering - Productivity Science and Engineering

Design for 3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing - Product Industrial Engineering

3D Printing Materials

3D Printing - Production Applications

Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing - Human Effort Industrial Engineering

September Fourth Week

Energy Management and Energy Industrial Engineering

Heat Treatment

New Machining Processes

Plastic Components Processing

Robots - Manufacturing Applications

Material Handling and Transport

Earlier Plan - Now to be Shifted to Further Months

September 1st Week

Industrial Engineering Optimization

Mathematical optimization was used by F.W. Taylor. As operations research was developed and more optimization techniques were developed, industrial engineers advocated the use of them in companies to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits. All industrial engineering redesigns are to be optimized and industrial engineers use various optimization techniques to optimize their engineering redesigns to increase productivity.

Complete Course in OR/Optimization -


Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

(from the perspective of an industrial engineer)
(From Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook, 5th Edition, pp. 11.27-11.44)
Jayant Rajgopal (From Rajgopal's website)


What is mathematical programming?
Examples of Mathematical Programming.


Simplex Method

4.  Transportation Problem

5. Queing Models

September 2nd  Week

8. Simulation

9. An Overview of Optimization Techniques for CNC Milling Machine

10. New Technology and Optimization of Mobile Phone Battery

11. Combustion Optimization in PF Boilers

12. Application of Optimization Techniques in the Power System Control

September Third Week

Industrial Engineering Statistics

F.W. Taylor himself advocated maintaining of records and data for decision making. The other industrial engineering pioneers also promoted record keeping and data analysis. As sampling based  decision making became more robust, industrial engineers promoted it as a productivity improvement initiative and imperative. One of the prominent areas of application is statistical quality control. Now six sigma, a statistics based technique is being promoted by the IE profession.

15.  Basics of Statistics

16.  Statistical Process Control

Evaluation Improvement of Production Productivity Performance using Statistical Process Control, Overall Equipment Efficiency, and Autonomous Maintenance,
Amir Azizi
Procedia Manufacturing
Volume 2, 2015, Pages 186-190
open access

17. Statistical Quality Control

18. Calculation of Sample Sizes in Work Measurement and Work Sampling  (WorK measurement full chapter - Includes sample size calculation for time study and work sampling)

19. Test of Hypothesis

Test of hypothesis is to be used by industrial engineers to confirm or validate that their redesign or a process has resulted in the increase of productivity. This becomes useful when there is variation in the output from various workstations or persons.  We can also visualize activities in different places. In such case we test the hypothesis that productivity has improved in the workstations where redesign is is implemented.

HYPOTHESIS TESTING FOR THE PROCESS CAPABILITY RATIO - 2002 MS Thesis!etd.send_file%3Faccession%3Dohiou1040054409%26disposition%3Dinline

One More presentation

September Fourth Week

22. Design of Experiments

23. Six Sigma

24. Application of Six Sigma

25. Application of Six Sigma

26. Application of Six Sigma


One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

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