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August - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course

Learn more about improving Process Efficiency/Productivity and Reducing Cost of Production/Process.

Revision of Process Industrial Engineering - Methods, Techniques and Tools

In this month's revision plan the focus is on production/engineering process improvement which also includes many engineering processes related to production, inspection, maintenance, material handling and service of engineering goods and services.

Management of processes are also analyzed and redesigned by industrial engineers. If management processes, activities and policies are responsible for poor productivity, industrial engineers have to propose changes in management methods, practices and tools to improve productivity. This aspect of industrial engineering is discussed under the area - productivity management.

Process Industrial Engineering - Process Efficiency/Productivity Improvement - Process Cost Reduction

First Week

1 August to 5 August

     Process Industrial Engineering
     Machine Tool Improvement and Cutting Time Reduction

     Operation Analysis - Methods Efficiency Engineering
     Operation Analysis Sheet

    Using the Operation Analysis Sheet
    Analysis of Purpose of Operation

    Analysis of All Operations of a Process as a Step of Each Operation Analysis
    Analysis of Tolerances and Inspection Standards

    Analysis of Material in Operation Analysis
    Machines and Tools Related Methods Efficiency Analysis - Machine Work Study

Second Week

8 August to 12 August

    Operation Analysis of Setups
    Material Handling Analysis in Operations
    Operation Analysis - Plant Layout Analysis
    Operation Analysis - Man and Machine Activity Charts

    Operation Analysis - Analysis of Working Conditions and Method
    Operation Analysis - Common Possibilities for Operation Improvement

    Operation Analysis - Check List
    Method Study

   Principles of Methods Efficiency Engineering
   Method Study - Information Collection and Recording - Chapter Contents

Third Week

15 August to 19 August

Process Analysis - Questions/Check List
Installing Proposed Methods

Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simplify - ECRS Method - Barnes
Process and Productivity Improvement Through Smart Machines and Smart Factories

Process and Productivity Improvement through incorporating Data Analytics
Plant Layout Analysis

Flow Process Charts - Reinterpretation of Its Purpose and Utility
Industrial Engineering of Flow Production Lines - Thought Before Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo


Fourth Week

22 August to 26 August

Industrial Engineering - Foundation of Toyota Production System
Toyota Production System Industrial Engineering - Shigeo Shingo

Introducing and Implementing the Toyota Production System - Shiego Shingo
Seven Waste Model and Its Extensions

Industrial Engineering of Maintenance Processes
Manufacturing System Losses Idenfied in TPM Literature

Zero Defect Movement and Six Sigma Method
Process Cost Analysis - Cost Center Statement Analysis

High Productivity Through Smart Factories - Industry 4.0 - Bulletin Board
Smart Factory Implementation - Steps, Benefits, Challenges and Road Maps


Management Process Industrial Engineering - Part 1

Management Process Industrial Engineering - Part 2


Blockchain Technology Use for Improving Process Efficiency

Maersk and IBM are working on cross border, cross party transactions that use blockchain technology to help improve process efficiency.

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One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

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Principles of Industrial Engineering

Presentation at the 2017 Annual IISE Conference, Pittsburgh
by Prof Narayana Rao, K.V.S.S.


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