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Introducing and Implementing the Toyota Production System - Shiego Shingo - Japanese Industrial Engineering

Japanese Industrial Engineering - Introducing and Implementing the Toyota Production System

Shiego Shingo - Taiichi Ohno


The basic adherence to subtracted-cost principle is needed. Consumer sets the selling price for the expected sales quantity and the company can only increase profit by lowering costs by eliminating waste from the product as well as production and distribution process.

To reduce costs, Toyota's main thrust is on reducing the total inventory related cost by reducing lot sizes and safety stock rationally. The other major thrust is on increasing human resource productivity by reducing its role in running machines. Machines are made more automatic and intelligent to detect defects and stop.

One Year Schedule for TPS Implementation

Figure 40 in Shiego Shingo's Book

Jan - Feb - Study sessions and tours to plants having TPS

Feb - April Use of SMED

March - May - Use of Poka Yoke

March - April - Layout Improvement

April - June - Cushion Inventory Method

April - May - One worker, multiple machines

May - July - Small lot production

May - December - Flow operation, One-piece flow operation

June - October - Preautomation

July - December - Divided production method

Sep - Dec - Kanban

Dec - Mix production - leveling


Chapter 12 Shiego Shingo

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