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The Birth of Lean - Koichi Shimokawa - 2012 - Book Information

The Birth of Lean: Conversations with Taiichi Ohno, Eiji Toyoda, and Other Figures who Shaped Toyota Management

Koichi Shimokawa (Editor), Takahiro Fujimoto (Editor)

Lean Enterprise Institute, 04-Mar-2012 - Business & Economics - 300 pages
This is an honest look at the origins of lean, written in the words of the people who created the system. Through interviews and annotated talks, you will hear first-person accounts of what these innovators and problem-solvers did and why they did it. You'll read rare, personal commentaries that explain the interplay of (sometimes opposing) ideas that created a revolution in thinking.

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Interesting explanations by Ohno in the book. The call by Toyoda to catch up the with American Productivity was there in this book also.  Page 7

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 How it all began - Taiichi Ohno

Chapter 2. What I learned from Taiichi Ohno - Michikazu Tanaka

Chapter 3. Putting a Pull System in Place at Toyota - Kikuo Suzumura

Chapter 4. The Evolution of Buffering at Toyota - Kaneyoshi Kusunoki

Chapter 5. Total Quality Control and the Toyota Production System - Masao Nemoto

Chapter 6. The Guiding Management Perspective - Eiji Toyoda


Interesting Points and Thoughts

The pursuit of higher efficiency ended in the United States in the early 1930s, and only wages kept raising after that. (p.1)

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