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July - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

July - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision

Ideas and Thoughts Fundamental to Industrial Engineering

Principles of Industrial Engineering - Taylor - Narayana Rao

Presentation made at IISE Annual Conference, 2017, at Pittsburgh, USA on 23 May 2017


Taylor's Industrial Engineering & Conception of IE by Other Scholars and Writers

First Week

1 July to 5 July

1 July

1. Taylor's Industrial Engineering

2. Industrial Engineering Described in Shop Management by F.W. Taylor

2  July

3. Time Study - Explanation by F.W. Taylor

4. Foundation of Scientific Management

3  July

5 & 6. Industrial Engineering and Productivity Improvement Described in Scientific Management by F.W. Taylor

4  July

7. Illustrations of Success of Scientific Management - - Pig Iron Handling

8. Elaborate Planning Organization - Need and Utility

5  July

9. Illustrations of Success of Scientific Management - Bricklaying Improvement by Gilbreth

10. Illustrations of Success of Scientific Management - Bicycle Balls Inspection Example

Second Week 

8 July to 12 July

8  July

11. Scientific Management in Machine Shop

12. Machine Work Study by Taylor - Art of Metal Cutting - Important Points

9  July

13. Development of Science in Mechanic Arts

14. Study of Motives of Men

15. Scientific management in its essence

16. Role of Top Management in Implementing Scientific Management

17. Scientific Management Summarized

18. Harrington Emerson - A Pioneer Industrial Engineer

19. The Twelve Principles of Efficiency - Part 1

20. The Twelve Principles of Efficiency - Part 2

Third Week

15 July to 19 July

15 July

Principles of Industrial Engineering - Taylor - Narayana Rao

Industrial engineering Principles, Methods Tools and Techniques

16 July

Industrial Engineering - The Concept - Developed by Going in 1911

Operation Study - Process Industrial Engineering by Arthur G. Anderson - 1928

Product Industrial Engineering

17 July

Product Industrial Engineering

Value Engineering - Introduction

18 July

Value Analysis and Engineering Techniques

Value Analysis: Approach and Job Plan

19 July

Knowledge Required for Value Engineering Application and Practice

Functional Analysis Systems Technique (FAST) - Value Engineering Method

Fourth Week  

(22 to 26, July)

22 July

Value Engineering - Examples, Cases and Benefits

Value Engineering in Construction - Structures, Roads, Bridges

23 July
Value Engineering at the Design and Development Stage - Tata Nano Example

Low Cost Materials and Processes - Information Board  - Database for Industrial Engineering and Value Engineering

24 July
Value Engineering - Bulletin - Information Board

Lean Product Development - Low Waste Product Development - Efficient Product Development

25 July
Design for Manufacturing

Design for Assembly

26 July

Target Costing and Industrial Engineering

Target Costing and Target Cost Management

Industrial engineering is a management activity. It is a staff activity in the management functions or activities. But its subject foundation is engineering and its main application is engineering activities, departments and engineering organizations. It focuses on cost reduction and thereby increase of sales due to lower prices and increased profits to the organization and through it increased incomes to employees of an organization apart benefit to other stakeholders of the organization. Also the managerial activities of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling are relevant in industrial engineering practice. Industrial engineers are asked to do efficiency studies managerial processes also. So they have to know the output and inputs of managerial processes and how managerial processes are carried out.

Industrial engineering programs have principles and practices of management as a course in the curriculum as industrial engineers are productivity managers of the organizations.

June - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision

August - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

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