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Value Engineering in Construction - Structures, Roads, Bridges

Value Engineering of Gachsaran Underpass Project in Iran
Paper of 2013

Value Engineering in EPA funded Projects - 1990 guideline

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Value Engineering in EPA funded Projects - Case Studies and Formats 1976

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Value Engineering in Buildings, Highways, Utility Plants
Laws and Regulations in USA
In 1970 the United States Congress recommended using VE on federal-aid highway projects. More recent federal regulations and technical advisories as well as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) policy and guidance require and support VE, including:
  • The National Highway Systems (NHS) Act of 1995 included a VE mandate directing the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to develop a program requiring state departments of transportation to conduct a VE analysis for projects on the NHS costing $25 million or more.
  • In 1997, 23 CFR Part 627—Value Engineering introduced the requirement that VE be applied to all federal -aid highway projects on the NHS with a value of $25 million or more ($20 million on Major Bridge projects).
  • Title 23 USC § 106(e) and (g), as amended.
  • FHWA’s Federal-Aid Policy Guide September 8, 1998, Transmittal 24.
  • The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO’s) 2001 publication AASHTO Guidelines for Value Engineering, 2nd Edition.
Value Engineering Consultants
The design of tunnels and underground structures depends to a large extent on the type of ground conditions and construction methodology to be adopted. SMEC has experience in evaluating complex projects, and determine a cost effective method for the construction of the project. The methodology allows for temporary construction access and includes programming and relative costings.
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