Saturday, July 8, 2017

Monuzukuri - Low-Cost High-Value Sustainable Production

The Japanese word monozukuri has a literal meaning of “production” — “mono” is the thing that is made or created, and “zukuri” refers to the act of making.

Monozukuri, can mean “craftsmanship” or "production technology" in English.

Monozukuri focuses more on the qualities of the object being made. It reflects Japanese sense of responsibility for the inherent value of the materials of production and the Japanese culture’s deep respect for both animate beings and inanimate things in the world.

In the Japanese tradition of monozukuri, the craftsman takes great care in using resources and does not waste them.  When an item is used or human effort is made, there needs to be a benefit for the society. There has to be balance between resources,  production,  and the benefit to the  society. Thus monozukuri is a form of productive and green manufacturing or low cost sustainable production.

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