Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smart Factory of Tata Motors in Gujarat - 2010

Tata's set up a $417 million "smart factory" in the state of Gujarat that uses intelligent-automation hardware, software and services supplied by Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation Inc.

According to Rockwell that plant in India is using the latest technology. It is  are high-tech facility  as high-tech as they are in the U.S.

Tata's technology goes beyond robotics, the craze of the 1980s. It manages every sensor, microchip and motor control. It predicts bottlenecks and breakdowns on the factory floor before they happen. It has the capacity to seamlessly order parts from its suppliers - such as seats for the Nano from the Indian subsidiary of Glendale-based Johnson Controls Inc. - the instant it receives a custom new car order from a dealer.

It is flexible, able to adjust on short notice to keep pace with consumer tastes.

The Tata plant also includes a "genealogy" feature that tracks every part in every car, allowing Tata to trace any vehicles that might carry a defective part. If there is  a recall, they'd know exactly which Nanos to recall, as opposed to the current practices of auto companies, which recall a million cars because they are unsure which cars to recall."

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