Thursday, May 9, 2019

Design Concept for Process/Methods Productivity Engineering - Shigeyasu Sakamoto

Design concept for methods engineering in Maynard Industrial Engineering Handbook, the Fourth ed. Hodson, Shigeyasu Sakamoto, McGraw Hill, 1992.

Methods Design Concept (MDC) does not examine present methods themselves to improve them incrementally. Present methods themselves are not the objects which are challenged. A challenger has to be created. The functions of present work contents are determined and  new methods to satisfy the fnctions are developed. This is similar to the process followed in value engineering.  In MDC  basic function (BF) and auxiliary functions (AF) are determined. The share of two functions in present working methods are normally 20 ~ 30% and 80~70% for BF and AF.

To support finding new methods ideas, MDC steps set improvement target as KAIZENSHIRO. This aims a possible improvement Through BS, brain storming possible improvements are identified. But brainstorming will not give any results unless the persons participating in the brain storming have adequate knowledge of the relevant technologies and latest developments. MDC approach of design point of view is  like the  base of any engineering approaches. Y

MDC has well organized steps to develop steps that require engineering to be done  leading you to improved methods. MDC  steps are extremely orthodox and implementation difficulties are not encountered.

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