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Industrial Engineering Concepts Question Paper - September 2011

PGDIE 41 – First Quarter End Examination
OP-03 Industrial Engineering Concepts

Date 16.9.2011                                                                                        Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE  questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Industrial  engineering is an engineering-based management staff-service discipline that deals with the design of human effort and system efficiency in all occupations.

Explain the statement by briefly explaining
a) the contribution of Taylor and Gilbreth.
b) Going’s explanation
c) Lehrer conceptualization of the discipline
d) AIIE’s definition
e) Definitions of recent days – Sawada, Narayana Rao, and Yamashina

2  a). Explain the principles used in making a motion analysis of an operator.

b) What are local fatigue and whole body fatigue? What human effort design criteria will prevent them? How do you measure those criteria?

3 a). Production methods are designed by functional production engineers and industrial engineers analyze them for waste reduction opportunities in methods efficiency engineering. In Single Minute Exchange of Dies, or set up time reduction, the focus is on reducing the time for set up. How the Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange and Simplify steps were used in developing SMED method?

b) Value Engineering examines product designs and component production methods to reduce cost and provide the intended function. What are the six important analysis techniques of value engineering? What is your engineering discipline and discuss relevance of value engineering to a product of your discipline.

4 a) Explain an application area for mathematical method in the design of a component or a subsystem in your discipline of engineering.

b) In the Maynard Book chapter on Operations Research, the following case studies were given.

i) Production planning at Harris Corporation ii) Gasoline Blending at Texaco iii) FMS Scheduling at Caterpillar iv) Fleet assignment at Delta Airlines v)Keycorp Service Excellence Management System.

Explain any one case study.

5 a). What is management and what is the process of total productivity management?

b). Engineering economic analysis is to be done by all engineers in various engineering departments and industrial engineering department has to do engineering economic appraisal. Differentiate between engineering economic analysis and engineering economic appraisal.

6 a) . Dramatic productivity improvements were demonstrated by Taylor and Gilbreth. Give examples.

b). Employee involvement in methods improvement project is to be encouraged at every stage by industrial engineers. Explain.

c). What therbligs or  basic work elements are used in MTM to determine standard times?

7 a). In every system design, there is a role for industrial engineering department. Describe that role briefly.

b). What are the wastes in software development similar to the wastes identified in manufacturing systems under Toyota Production System (TPS).

c). Describe some steps for increasing the efficiency of energy use in factories and offices.


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