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Combination Tools

Vise Grip 3Pc Plier Set Long Nose - Combo - Multi


Combination systems give you a complete toolkit in one package. A tool for all garden tasks. Clip-on tools can change the function of your combi tool in a matter of seconds. One minute it's a hedge trimmer, the next it's a blower. Suppliers of petrol and battery power units and attachments from edgers, cultivators to sweepers, all by leading brands such as Husqvarna, Stihl and Makita. Ideal if you have limited storage space, or need to transport a whole range of tools for a single job.

AMK 25C Combination Tool for Rescue Operations

Combination cutting/spreading/pulling tool
Extremely lightweight, compact size for easy storage
Ideal for "first response" applications
Anodized for corrosion protection
Check valve design maintains load
Available with D-ring handle
Convert a Model AMK-25C Combination Tool to any Model 25 Cutter with genuine AMKUS blades

AMK 15C Combination Tool for Rescue Operations

Combination cutting/spreading/pulling tool
Well balanced and easy to use
Check valve design maintains load
Anodized for corrosion protection
Equipped with D-ring handle

Holmatro combination tools are multifunctional and allow the user to cut, spread, squeeze, and pull with just one tool. Now featuring a unique blade design and a deadman's handle. The deadman's handle improves one-hand operation with a positive grip, features an accurate spring return to neutral position, and allows for proportional operation for more precise control.

The Holmatro 4150 combi tool also has all the benefits and features of the 4000 series and CORE® Technology.

High Performance Combination Tools from  Kennametal

Drill, chamfer and countersink with one tool

Combination Tools Improve Machining Center Productivity

With today's CNC technology, it is possible to combine drilling, tapping and chamfering in a single operation by using specially designed cutting tools.

A good example  is the Thriller Tool, manufactured by Thriller, Inc. (Dearborn, Michigan), a division of the Turchan Technologies Group. This tool can perform in a single operation what usually calls for a drill, chamfering tool, and tap or thread mill. In so doing, this kind of combination tool reduces the number of tools, toolholders and tool positionings required, and it eliminates tool changes between operations. Properly applied, the result is a significant cost and time savings.

Allied Machine  combination tool for drilling and chamfering.

A part made of modified 4140 steel, required a considerable amount of holemaking. It has 57 1.362 "-dia., 2½ "-deep through-holes and 54 1.438 "-dia., 4½ "-deep through-holes.

RMC was applying three cutting tools to complete each of the 57 holes: a drill, a twin boring bar and a chamfer mill. The challenge was consistently achieving the tolerance while maintaining the production rate, . “The ±0.002 " tolerance was too tight for the twin boring bar setup.

The shop then decided to have a special made to both drill the hole and cut the 0.150 "×45° chamfer. It is tooled with the GEN3SYS XT insert and the tool body was customized to have a built-in chamfer. It shortened the cycle time and  also reduced inventory by eliminating the boring bar and chamfer mill.

RMC runs two parts before replacing an insert. Each tip is reground at least once. Reground inserts provide  identical performance. By switching to this comnination GEN3SYS XT drill, RMC went from a 1,600-rpm spindle speed, 524-sfm cutting speed, 8.0-ipm feed rate and 1-minute cycle time per hole, to 865 rpm, 308 sfm, 12.11 ipm and 14.12 seconds per hole.
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