Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What is Industrial Engineering? One More Explanation - Redesign of Engineering Products, Services and Systems

Industrial Engineering - Creating, Sustaining and Improving the Industry in the direction of market acceptance and growth based on price and cost.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Redesign of Engineering Products, Services and Systems to make them more efficient or economical. To make them more productive. To decrease their cost.

Industrial engineering makes products and systems more efficient by keeping the effectiveness created by original designers or product and system intact.

Industrial engineering is engineering with a specific purpose. The purpose is to make the engineering products, services and systems that produce products and services more efficient.

Industrial engineering is part of management activity because it is part of planning and organizing industrial or engineering enterprises.

Industrial engineers are involved continuous improvement of engineering products, services and systems. Once an engineer designs a product, service or a production system and proves its effectiveness, industrial engineer enters the scene to analyze and improve its efficiency.

Industrial engineer has many specialized principles, methods and tools that he applies in his work. He combines the specialized tools of IE with engineering knowledge to complete his redesign work.

Updated 8 June 2016, 8 June 2015

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