Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Technologies to Help in Energy Conservation and Efficiency Improvement

Energy-management system
Advanced analytics
Smart grids

Immersion-cooling technology
Liquid-desiccant systems
Pressurized-plenum-recirculation-air system

Automated-compressor-staging and capacity control systems
Variable-head-pressure controls
Direct-contact water heaters


Ultra-supercritical plants
High-efficiency combined-cycle gas turbine


Fluidized-bed advanced-cement-kiln system
Combustion-system improvements (gyrotherm)
High-efficiency grate coolers (reciprocating)
Improved preheating/precalcining

Oil refining and chemicals

Advanced-process control
Membrane gas separation
High-pressure recovery
Steam compressors

Pulp and paper

Advanced-thermomechanical pulping
Heat recovery in thermomechanical pulping
High-consistency paper making
Impulse drying in wet-pressing process

Coke-dry quenching
Cyclone-converter furnace
Endless-strip production
Top-gas-recycling blast furnace
Mining Automated-mine-ventilation control and


Automated-mine-ventilation control and air reconditioning
High-pressure grinding rolls
In-pit crushing-conveyance and high-angle conveyance systems
Low-loss conveyor belts
Stirred-media mills

McKinsey & Co.

Greening the future: New technologies that could transform how industry uses energy

August 2015


Harsh Choudhry
Mads Lauritzen
Ken Somers
Joris Van Niel

You can download the report from McKinsey Company website

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