Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Third Week - IE Knowledge Revision

Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Third Week   15 May to 19 May

Environmental context: Information Technology and Globalization
Environmental context: Diversity and Ethics

Organizational Context: Design and Culture
Organizational Context:: Reward Systems

Perception and Attribution
Personality and Attitudes

Motivational Needs and Processes
Positive Psychology Approach to OB

Decision Making

Industrial engineering is concerned with  People, Processes, Technology and Management Policies and Activities. Productivity, Cost reduction and optimization, Efficiency Improvement and Waste Elimination are its objectives as system level. At people level, IE is concerned with comfort, safety, health, satisfaction and training.

Industrial engineers study anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology and their applied subjects Ergonomics and Organizational Behavior (include consumer behavior).

Industrial engineers have to understand the principles and prescriptions of Organizational Behavior to develop their ways of interacting with people to study processes and to train them in improved processes.

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