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Productivity Management - An Activity of Industrial Engineers - List of Articles

Productivity Management is an important component of industrial engineering

Industrial engineering department has the responsibility to manage productivity in the organization. It may undertake this responsibility as a staff department like accounting department. IE department measures productivity, identifies the reasons for low productivity and high costs, determines the processes and operations, products to be studied using IE methods to improve productivity of them and submits the recommendations to line managers. On the approval of line managers, IE participates in installation projects and training projects and then measures the new productivity. A well functioning IE department is responsible for continuous improvement in productivity. Competitors come into the market with more productivity methods and products and every existing company has to pay attention to productivity to remain in the market and protect its market share in the presence of new competitors. IEs help companies to maintain their competitive position.

IEs have to plan productivity improvement, organize for productivity improvement, acquire resources for undertaking productivity improvement projects, execute productivity improvement projects and control productivity improvement. They have to use all functions of management (process of management) to manage the productivity of a concern as staff assistants to managers at various levels.

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