Friday, July 21, 2017

30+ Ways for Better IE - 2. Maintain the Dignity of Persons in the Work Systems

There is an article in the January 99 issue of IIE Solutions "30 ways to be a better IE."

By: Gaboury, Jane; Cary, Cliff; Nolan, Richard J. IIE Solutions. Jan 99, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p28. 8p

So what IE's have done individually or professionally to implement the ideas discovered through a survey of 10,000 IIE members?

Maintain the Dignity of Persons in the Work Systems

The pioneers of industrial engineering were criticized for writing certain crude sentences regarding operators. Even though Taylor was very clear in his goal making every body develop himself to the highest potential level and earn good income, he is described as a person who depicted operators in a bad way.

Industrial engineers have to make special efforts to see that the dignity of any whose work they are analyzing from point of view productivity is not affected. They have to make the point an important part of the policy document that they carry to do productivity studies. 

Please write your opinions on this issue. Please read the original article.

What is Industrial Engineering?

You can understand through its principles

Principles of Industrial Engineering - Taylor - Narayana Rao



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