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Industry 4.0 Adoption and Implementation in Global Top 50 Manufacturing Companies

Industry 4.0 Technologies Adoption - Guidelines for SMEs



Information Regarding Industry 4.0 Initiatives of Top 50 Manufacturing Companies

Company           Industry                 Revenue (Millions US Dollars) 

1 Mitsui                   Engineering 566,512 Japan

Mining meets Industry 4.0
West Angelas is one of the mines where Mitsui’s joint venture partner Rio Tinto is road-testing the deployment of the latest information technologies to extract minerals with greater safety and diminished environmental impacts.

At Rio Tinto’s Pilbara Operations Center, located in Perth (around 1,500 kilometers from the Pilbara itself), over 400 operators use real-time analytics and collaboration tools to optimize operations across Rio Tinto’s 17 mines, 4 ports and 1,700 kilometers of railway. Further innovative efforts include autonomous drilling systems (successfully trialed in West Angelas in 2008); autonomous haulage trucks for moving ore (also first trialed in West Angelas in 2008); and fully automated heavy-haul, long-distance railway systems (a world first).

2 IBM                   Engineering, various 306,916 United States

SmartFactoryKL- IBM’s learning factory and Industrie 4.0 Reference Architecture example

3 Volkswagen Group   Engineering 221,551 Germany

SEAT breaks new ground in training for Industry 4.0

Wolfsburg, 22 November 2017
The Volkswagen Group launches international competition to promote car body construction with digital innovation platform HYVE Crowd

26 July 2017
Industry 4.0 in the Volkswagen Group

4 Samsung Electronics Electronics, 167,000 South Korea

Samsung Electronics Joins the OPC Foundation to Accelerate Enabling Interoperable Industrial IoT Edge Platform

Sep 11, 2017
Samsung has joined EdgeX Foundry, throwing weight behind The Linux Foundation’s open-source project to build an interoperability framework for industrial IoT projects.

4 Daimler Automotive 394,890 Germany

Production is becoming smart. Industry 4.0 and the networked factory

The future has long been here: The digital transformation is changing the products as well as their production. Module for module, Mercedes-Benz is networking the entire automotive value chain – from design, through production, to sales and service. The fourth industrial revolution is accelerating more and more. The foundations for a completely connected “smart factory” are set.

Industrie 4.0 – Digitalisation at Mercedes-Benz: The Next Step in the Industrial Revolution

5 General Electric   Engineering,   147,616 United States

We want to treat analytics like it’s as core to the company over the next 20 years as material science has been over the past 50 years.
GE’s Jeff Immelt on digitizing in the industrial space

5 Exor                   Automotive 140,297 Italy

EXOR and NEXCOM Extends Partnership to Fulfill Industry 4.0’s Vision for Smart Manufacturing

To achieve Industry 4.0's vision for smart manufacturing, NEXCOM has proposed PC-based IoT Automation Solutions consisting of intelligence controllers, IoT automation gateways, and big data collectors. Under the partnership, NEXCOM expands its product portfolio to EXOR's virtualized human machine interface (HMI), a key element to Industry 4.0, offering all-round IoT Automation Solutions, EXOR extends its presence in Asia market and will grow JMobile platform to ensure global offering.

6 General Motors   Automotive 155,929 United States

General Motors’ Lake Orion plant uses  the power of the industrial Internet of Things to analyze the work of 800 robots. These robots   are connected to the cloud and operators have complete visibility of their operation and maintenance issues. The information helps  to ensure maximum efficiency.

General Motors is continually adding assisted driving features such as crash avoidance, lane warning and automatic parking assistance.  In late 2016, it will begin selling its Cadillac CT6 with ‘super cruise’, which will make hands-free highway driving possible while the car maintains speed, lane position and vehicle separation.

7 Ford                   Automotive 136,264 United States


Ford Gets Swept Up in Industry 4.0 Collaborative Robot Craze
July 14, 2016

Video: Industry 4.0 - Ford's Automotive Body Quality Solution

8 Hewlett-Packard Electronics 127,245 United States

3 ways Industry 4.0 is disrupting manufacturing 

IT meets manufacturing and welcomes Industry 4.0 

9 Hitachi Engineering, 122,419 Japan

Klaus Dieter Rennert, chief executive for Europe, Hitachi Ltd., explores the potential operational improvements offered by Industry 4.0 and its associated technologies.

Executive summary
Digital Industrial Transformation with the Internet of Things
How can European companies benefit from IoT?
2017 Report sponsored by Hitachi

10 Nissan Automotive 119,166 Japan

IIoT in motion: Nissan’s autonomous vehicles (AGVs) drive efficiency at UK factory
November 4, 2016

11 Hon Hai Precision Industry Electronics 117,514 Taiwan

Hon Hai has contracted Maxnerva for its current batch of “smart factory” projects in Wuhan, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen.

Hon Hai puts 60,000 robots on production lines

Since 2014, Hon Hai, trading as Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest electronics contractor manufacturer, has decided to focus on the development of Industry 4.0 following a trend started by Germany.

12 Siemens     Engineering, 113,349 Germany

Siemens AG

Industrie 4.0: The hour of implementation has arrived
Nuremberg, 2017-Nov-28

New MindSphere Version 3.0 on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides access to Siemens APIs and AWS cloud services for faster development
Simotics IQ: New IoT concept for motors
New partnership financing service to boost the implementation of Industrie 4.0
Study affirms annual productivity increase due to digitalization of up to 9.8 percent

Is Industry 4.0 Realistic? Face to Face with Siemens CEO Tony Hemmelgarn – TV Report
April 27, 2017

Siemens Positions Itself as an Industry 4.0 Example

13 Apple Electronics 108,249 United States
14 Toyota Automotive 105,364 Japan
15  Cardinal Health Pharmaceuticals 102,644 United States
17 BASF Chemicals 102,194 Germany
18 Honda Automotive 100,664 Japan
19 Panasonic Engineering, various 99,373 Japan
20 BMW Automotive 95,692 Germany
21 ArcelorMittal Steel 94,444 Luxembourg
22 Nestle Food & Beverages 94,405   Switzerland
22 Eni Oil & gas 90,405 Italy
23 Peugeot Automotive 83,305 France
24 Procter & Gamble Consumer goods 82,559 United States
25 Sony Electronics 82,237 Japan
26 Toshiba Engineering, various 77,261 Japan
26 Enel Renewable energy 75,405 Italy
27 Bosch Engineering, various 71,600 Germany
28 Sinochem Chemicals 70,990 China
29 Mitsubishi Engineering, various 70,492 Japan
30 Hyundai Motor Company Automotive 70,227 South Korea
31 ThyssenKrupp Steel 68,791 Germany
32 Boeing Aerospace & Defense 68,735 United States
33 Airbus Aerospace & Defense 68,310 Netherlands
34 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 67,932 United States
35 SAIC Motor Automotive 67,255 China
37 PepsiCo Food & Beverages 66,504 United States
38 Johnson & Johnson Personal care products 65,030 United States
39 Unilever Consumer goods 64,610 Netherlands
40 Dongfeng Motor Group Automotive 62,911 China
41 POSCO Steel 62,230 South Korea
42 Dell Electronics 62,071 United States
43 Caterpillar Construction equipment 60,138 United States
44 Dow Chemical Chemicals 59,985 United States
45 Novartis Pharmaceuticals 59,375   Switzerland
46 Renault Automotive 59,272 France
47 Saint-Gobain Building materials 58,560 France
48 United Technologies Engineering, various 58,190 United States
49 FAW Group Automotive 57,003 China
50 Fujitsu Electronics 56,582 Japan
51 China Minmetals Metals 54,509 China

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