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Industrial Engineering is a Management Function

Industrial Engineering is a Management Function

Industrial Engineering is a Management Function


Industrial engineering (IE) discipline emerged out of the involvement of engineers in management of engineering departments. It is management function. Within the management functions its focus is on the design of work done by operators and improvement of efficiency of systems and processes.

In certain companies, IE department was made a part of management services department which was appropriate. Management accounting, Management controls, Management audit, Industrial engineering and some more such similar functions can be organized under management services departments. Such a departmentation clearly recognizes that these sections or functions are functions of management assisting management in planning, organizing and directing resources.

Management Services Departments  (Malaysia) (City of burbank)

Management Services Department, Government of Uganda


Management services department seems to be in existence in many government departments and industrial engineering is mentioned as a service in some of these departments. It is worth collecting some more links to management service departments and examine the activities of them and the role of IE in them.


Srinivas M, Student NITIE

Sir, I am sure that all Industrial Engineers will know their fit in the industry.Sir Please elaborate on why Industrial engineers are recruited across the board in differrent roles the industry.

Anonymous - 11 Sep 2010

You mean central government and state government jobs.

In Railways there are work study departments.
In defence also there is work study activity.
In office work there are O&M departments.

Narayana Rao - 11 Sep 2010

Sir, as IE is widely used in all sectors why there is a deficiency of government sectors job for IE graduates ?

Adarsh Malu - 11 Sep 2010

The demand is those departments is high and supply of persons in those disciplines is less.

I personally feel, IE discipline has not clarified its tool kit properly and then trained its graduates intensively in the tool kit. Hence many IEs are drifting into departments they understand better instead of IE which they do not understand adequately. They are also not trained adequately.

The opinion is controversial and we may need to do a survey on this opinion. If you and Devendra come forward we can take up a survey on our students regarding their assessment of IE and their preference for careers and the reasons for that preference.

Narayana Rao - 22 Aug 2010

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