Monday, August 19, 2013

Software Process Efficiency - Bibliography

Information and Operations Management Department
School of Business Administration
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1421, USA
(Appears in Advances in Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, D. Hurley (ed.),
    Volume 4, pp. 37-70, (1995)., December 1994

Measuring software process efficiency

Managing waste in knowledge work - podcast - David J. Anderson

An industrial engineering approach to software development
D.N. Card
Computer Sciences Corporation, Silver Spring, MarylandUSA
R.A. Berg
Synercom, Inc., Houston, TexasUSA
Many different tools and techniques have been developed to increase software quality and productivity. However, periodic acquisition of improved methods and tools, by itself, does not ensure continual improvement. To be effective, new technology must be integrated into an underlying process. That process must be managed explicitly. This paper describes an industrial engineering approach that treats software development as a process distinct from its unique application to any specific project. Its essential elements include formal process definition, software measurement, process engineering, and quality control. Although already successfully embedded in many manufacturing processes, application of industrial engineering techniques to software remains a novelty. Nevertheless, this approach provides the software enterprise with a long-term plan for improving software quality and productivity.
Journal of Systems and Software
Volume 10, Issue 3, October 1989, Pages 159–168

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