Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 3rd Week - Industrial Engineering Revision Plan

Operations - Production Management starts in this week

March 3 week (15 - 19 March 2016)

Developing Enterprisewide or Company Wide Marketing Orientation
Management of Marketing Department and Function

Operations - Production Management 

Introduction to the Field of Operations Management
Operations Strategy and Competitiveness - Review Notes

Optimizing the Use of Resources with Linear Programming

Manufacturing Process Selection and Design

20th March - Birthday of Man of Productivity - Low Prices and High Incomes

Frederick Winslow Taylor - A Pioneer Industrial Engineer
Date of Birth: 20th March, 1856
Contribution of Taylor to Industrial Engineering
Shop Management
Scientific Management

In the marketing management articles you will come across marketing productivity discussion. Industrial engineers are concerned with marketing productivity and they improve marketing processes to improve their productivity. The various activities in marketing are studied by IEs to understand the processes and activities to redesign them improving their efficiency. Second, marketing is related to exchange of ideas. Industrial engineers come up with many ideas of process improvement, and they have to know the marketing steps to market and sell their ideas.

Operations Management Area - Main focus area for IEs for Improvement

IEs have to improve both technical and management processes

Operations management in engineering organizations is the main area for industrial engineering activity. In operations management activity, there are many areas where engineering is the primary knowledge discipline and IEs are the people to improve these areas for productivity improvement, cost reduction and waste elimination. Hence IEs have to study operations management in detail as they will be involved improving technical processes as well as managerial processes in operations managment area.

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