Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quality Improvement - Poka Yoke in Software - Information Systems

On 20 February 2017, Tamara Wilhite, an Industrial Engineer with specialisation in IT systems, made a blog post,  Tips for Mistake Proofing in IT

Two things that seemed appropriate from poka yoke method are:

When designing a new process for something different from a common process, use different starting steps so that people don’t accidentally follow the common process out of habit when.

Wherever possible, give people the ability to go back in the process if they accidentally start the wrong one.

I searched internet for the application of Poka Yoke in information systems. I came up with the following:

In the article, "Interface Design for the Changing Organization", Bonacin et al. described application of poka-yoke.

Using Poka Yoke for Early Defect Prevention in Software Systems in HP
Harry Robinson - 1997

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