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Industrial Engineering in Japan - Japanese Wikipedia

Industrial Engineering
Industrial engineering ( IE ) is a field of engineering . In general, it is simply called IE (eye-e) taking English initials. In addition, IEr abbreviated originally derived in Japan rarely is also scattered.
Literal translation is industrial engineering (grammar). However, that term is "a generic term for scientific technical methods to be utilized for business management and production management" and from this perspective IE will be divided into production engineering ( management, engineering ), management engineering ( management ) , Management engineering (Kanryagakuku) has been translated.
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1 Outline
2 Contents of IE
2.1 IE on overall business management
2.2 IE related to production (work)
2.3 IE related to others
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In Japan, IE is translated into production engineering, management engineering, industrial engineering, management engineering, but there is no definite definition, "IE" which abbreviated industrial engineering is used as the most appropriate term. Although the definition of IE is each country and it continues to change with the development of IE, the IE Association of the United States states that "IE concerns the design, improvement, and implementation of integrated systems of human beings, materials, equipment and energy IEEE Computer Science and Technology (IE), in order to explicitly predict and evaluate the results obtained by such a system, along with methods related to engineering analysis and planning, expertise and techniques in mathematics, physics, and social science We will use ".
"The IE Association of Japan is" IE is to design, upgrade and install a management system that manifests its functions together with human beings, materials, and facilities. "IE defines, predicts, In order to evaluate, we will utilize specific knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, humanities science, and also use principles and techniques on technical analysis and comprehension together. " Taking these as a whole can be said to be an engineering approach necessary for solving management management problems.
Contents of IE
IE is roughly divided into the following items.
# IE on general management
# IE on production (work)
# IE related to others
IE on overall business management
OA (office automation) by automation of office automation, information system (design and management), management plan forecast, which is important in long-term management planning, MAPI method (centering on research and development, evaluation of new products) , Product planning and the like. A method that can be said as a major comprehensive of these is Operations research (OR).
IE on production (work)
In the strict sense, it is the foundation of IE, work research (work measurement / improvement). Work measurement is a time study consisting of the scientific management method of Frederic Taylor , but in the past we measured the standard time using a tool similar to watch, but in recent years the PTS method (default time method), WF Method, MTM method, DMT method are widely adopted. It is possible to analyze interrelationships such as work and actions in a " quantitative " manner at the planning stage before the work execution.
Work improvement is said to be work research , based on Gil Bless 's behavioral research. Currently it analyzes with advanced imaging techniques such as memo · motion analysis, micro motion analysis and VTR etc.
In addition to work at the production site, this technology may be used for IE even in office work based on work measurement / improvement.
Production planning
Plant placement
Work management
Wage management
In addition, in order to make these major administrative controls smooth, there are the following.
Material management
Inventory control
Equipment management

Products developed by industrial design ( iPod nano )
Transport control
Energy management (power management, thermal management, etc.)
quality management
Subcontract management
It is possible to supplement the calculation of cost control and basic unit management using engineering and technical methods.
IE related to others
For details, refer to " Industrial Design "
"IE Fundamental Theory" Taxation Accounting Association , written by Shinji Kai , April 1, 1996 , ISBN 9784419001766
"Data Science for Environment and Quality" by Tetsuro Sugihara, Production Engineering
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