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Industrial Engineering - Hand Tools, Cutting Tools and Machine Accessories for Productivity

As a task of process industrial engineering to increase productivity, industrial engineers have to investigate the use of various hand tools, cutting tools and other machine accessories that can increase productivity. Industrial engineers also have the responsibility to come out with new hand tools, cutting tools and accessories that increase productivity. Thus patents can be created by the industrial engineers in productivity improvement devices and features.

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Use of

Use of various Attachments in Machine Tools


Modern tools for Artisan Staff of Civil Engineering Department for Increasing Productivity

2003 Guidebook by Indian Railways Center for Advanced Maintenance Technology

About Hand Tools  by ILO


Cat® attachments enhance the productivity and utility of our machines, equipping them for a wide range of tasks and operating requirements, and providing total system solutions for any job application.

Productivity Tools
Additional equipment options for No.5 Standard, No. 5 Saw Ready, no.4, No.3S, and No.3 machines.

Enhance productivity with reliable forklift accessories

When you incorporate accessories into your forklifts on the job, you get twice the power, with increased efficiency and versatility.

… gives a definite position with fixed references
… minimal investment, cutting production costs
… fast setup with just a few simple manual actions
… the expanding mandrel minimises wear in the reference holes.

Increased productivity need not mean heavy investments in new machines.

3Refix is remarkably simple way to lay a solid foundation from which to view the future with confidence – tool up without indication and cut your production costs!

Increases machine utilization by as much as 60%.

FLEXMT - flexible machine tool tending.

Standardized, flexible solution that increases machine tool utilization while reducing operational costs.

The FlexMT is a standardized solution designed to be robust, simple and flexible

A leader in the development of automation solutions, ABB’s FlexMT sets the standard in flexible machine tool tending. This robotic solution increases machine utilization by as much as 60%. Available in two variants, the FlexMT 20 (20kg/1.65m reach) and the FlexMT 60 (60kg/2.05m reach), the FlexMT comes complete with a robot controller inside its fully integrated control cabinet. The FlexMT is a pre-engineered, well-tested and reliable automation solution.

Ten Folding Machine Add-Ons to Increase Bindery Productivity
2014 / by Andre Palko

Moving To Magnets Doubles Productivity

Moving from hydraulic to magnetic fixtures enabled this shop to reduce setup time, improve rigidity and eliminate manual operations. As a result, productivity doubled.

Pressure Gauge Accessories:
Insurance for Productivity

Work Assist Accessories

Crown knows a clean, organized work environment means increased operator productivity. That’s why Crown offers Integrated Truck Solutions designed to make the operator’s job faster, easier, and more productive. These rugged tools can be easily combined and positioned in the location best suited to the application and the user.

Proper Cutting Tool Choice is Vital to Productivity

Improve Machining Productivity with PVD Coatings!

PVD Coating Benefits Include:
2 - 7x longer tool life over uncoated cutting tools.
More sharpenings per tool.
Faster speeds and feeds, higher productivity.
Surface Solutions offers the best deal out there on cutting tools, including:
Minimum charge is only $25.00.
Same prices as 22 years ago.
Coatings are extremely cost-effective, usually only costing about 5 - 10 percent of what the tool cost.  Just doubling tool life results in getting back over $10 in profits for every $1 spent on coatings.

Enhancing Productivity Using Micro Cutting Tools

Full Productivity and Profitability, Only with Process Optimization
SECO Tools Comprehensive process optimization begins with an evaluation to identify the best combination of tooling, fixturing, machines, and cycle times. The Seco Engineered Solutions team evaluates the scope of a project, discusses customers’ requirements and establishes a provisional timeline.

Expert consultation can help shops optimize their choices on tools, CAM software, or even entire machine lines — and maximize ROI
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